Kids are generally curious about anything adventurous or new and I bet all of them would love a treehouse in their backyard. It is a dream for them. A place where they can be all by themselves and create their fantasy world.

The idea of getting a simple treehouse might be exciting for your kids but it is terrifying for you. First of all, you would think about the safety of your kids in a treehouse. Then there is the building cost which can be $400 to $1500 depending on the size, work hours, and materials you use.

Let’s not discourage you there yet. There are plenty of options and designs to choose from. From our research, we have seen that it is not hard to build a simple treehouse all by yourself. You need the proper tools and passion to build one.

DIY treehouses can be safer and more cost-friendly if you have the right design. Let’s discuss some of the best treehouse ideas you can implement in your backyard.

01. The Simple Treehouse

simple treehouse

The following image is of a very simple treehouse with a wooden staircase. You can make one like this if you have any straight tree like this. One fenced room, one floor, and one small roof. Nothing too fancy. Depending on the size of your tree it can be smaller or larger. It mostly looks like a check-post.

02. Little DIY Tree House on the Ground

Little DIY Tree House on the Ground

This DIY Tree House will take a lot of your time. This is simple and looks beautiful. The design is vintage and it suits any place with wood or tree nearby. Your kids are going to love this hideout/meeting place. Read how to build this DIY Tree House.

03. Pirate Themed Hideout Treehouse

simple tree house

If you are a pirate fan then this is perfect for you. The inside of the treehouse is spacious for both adults and young alike. Put a cushion or small inflatable bed inside. You are ready to hang out with your kids.

The door and the flag are marking that it is a pirate base. Making a treehouse like this needs a lot of work and dedication, but check the result, how cute it is!

04. DIY Check-post Like Treehouse

Popular Mechanics has brought a strong DIY treehouse plan. This looks like a simple treehouse post, but there is a lot of work involved. Don’t worry, they have a lot of pictures and details to share with you. 

As it is said, you need to plan and adapt as you create your treehouse. There will always be changes when building one all by yourself. You can’t always stick to the primary plan.

05. Tree Deck by Shawnconna

Redwood Stump Tree Deck by Shawnconna is a perfect example of a strong build treehouse. Although it is simpler than a treehouse. It has no roof. The tree deck is supported by spider web-like wood patterns.

It is built on the support of the old redwood stump. We wonder if you can build the same thing with the support of other trees like this.

06. The Picket Tree Fort

This tree house also does not have any roof. More like a deck with a simplistic design. A ladder and a base plate where kids can stand. You can build this tree fort with only one tree and very little space is needed.

07. The Cabin

It’s a cabin. It has a door & several windows, and a ladder staircase for going up. It is built a little bit above the ground surrounding a tree. A ladder staircase or rope can be used for climbing.

08. The Epic Treehouse

This doesn’t look like a treehouse, rather it looks like a real cabin. Months of hard work with proper planning have made this possible. The cabin stands on the support of two large hackberry trees standing 13 meters apart. There are proper roof ceilings, doors, and windows. If you want to build one by yourself read here.

09. The Gazebo Post

Instead of the treehouse design, you can make a Gazebo post like this. So, when your kids are grown up they can still come here and spend some quality time.

10. Discovery Eagles Nest Elevated Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

If you have the money to spend and do not want to hang things on a tree, then this elevated wooden playhouse is the right thing for you. You just need an open space on the ground. This playhouse is the place where kids will love to hang out. Made of all wood and spacious for several kids to play dungeon games. Don’t forget to place this beside a tree to give it an authentic treehouse feel.

  •  Spacious upper deck with 3 different interior levels
  •  Interior Upper fort gives the feel of a traditional treehouse 
  •  7 ft. crows nest offers bird’s eye view 
  •  Unique 3 Platform upper fort with 5 ft. , 6 ft. and 7 ft. levels 
  • Easier assembly – Supported by the step-by-step interactive Belt app
  • Extended 5-year pro-rated full customer service for any unexpected issues.
  • 100% Cedar: with a chemical-free stain safe for children and animals

How to Build a Simple Treehouse

Building a simple treehouse will take your time and money. You need to remember that nothing comes free and when it is the happiness of your kids this shouldn’t go cheap. You need to select the place, trees and assess the construction cost first, before jumping in.

There is plenty of help online and YouTube videos on how you can make a DIY simple treehouse. The following books might help you too.

Some points to note before you start

  1. DIY projects might seem fun but it is hard work.
  2. You might need to keep working for months to finish your project.
  3. The result will depend on your hard work, time, and money you spent on your treehouse project.
  4. Kids love almost any kind of treehouse, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go creative.
  5. The primary plan always changes and you need to adapt while doing a DIY treehouse project.

All the best to your adventure of creating a lifetime memory with your loved ones.

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