Tiller is an essential tool for your gardening. If you are a gardener, you must know the importance of tilling the ground before you plant anything. Tilling helps the top ground soil to loosen up, accommodate air, nitrogen, and the plant roots to go deeper.

There are several kinds of tillers in the market. Some run on gas, some are electric, and some are portable that use batteries. The one you need to choose will depend on your garden size, frequency of tilling, and the soil composition of your garden.

The portability of the tiller and your budget play a vital role when buying the best electric tiller. It’s a one-time investment that you should make it wisely because a tiller should last for years.

Let us help! We have selected 5 Best Electric Tiller for breaking new ground.

ProductMain FeaturesOur Score 
Top pickSun Joe TJ604E Sun Joe TJ604E
  • 13.5 Amp motors
  • 16-inch dipper and 8 inches wide blade
  • Three-position wheel adjustment
5/5 StarsMore..
Mantis 3550 Electric TillerMantis 3550 Electric Tiller
  • 120 volt 9 Amp electric Tiller/Cultivator
  • 2 speeds setting
  • Lightweight and easy to use
4/5 StarsMore..
Best ValueEarthwise TC70016Earthwise TC70016
  • 6 adjustable tines
  • Adjustable 11″ To 16″ Width/ 8″ Working depth
  • 13.5 amp motor
4.5/5 StarsMore..
Greenworks 8 Amp 10-Inch Corded TillerGreenworks 8 Amp 10-Inch Corded Tiller
  • 8 Amp Motor
  • Tilling width of 8.25 inches to 10 inches
  • Adjustable tilling depth up to 5 inches
4.5/5 StarsMore..
LawnMaster TE1318W1 Corded LawnMaster TE1318W1
  • 16/18-inch cutting width
  • 6 rust resistant steel blades
  • 13.5-Amp motor
4/5 StarsMore..

01. SunJoe Tiller

The Sun Joe TJ604E 16-Inch is the best electric tiller value for your money. It can work nicely on your big and tough soli garden. The blade can go 16-inch dipper and cut 8 inches wide. This tiller has 13.5 Amp motors which have an average RPM of 370. 

This tiller also works as a cultivator. So, for the first time tilling or cultivation, this powerful device can make your gardening easy. 

You can fold the handle of the tiller. It is a convenient option for storing. The three-position wheel adjustment makes it possible to cut at any angle. Overall this should be your first tiller to save money and time.

Things we like

  1. Powerful motor
  2. Convenient storage option
  3. Adjustable wheel angles

Things we don’t like

  1. Corded powerline
  2. A bit noisy

02. Mantis 3550 Electric Tiller/Cultivator

This powerful 120 volt 9 Amp electric Tiller/Cultivator is a champion. This corded tiller does not need gas or oil to run. Plenty of power to run at high and low speed. It is suitable for tilling the hardest ground too.


  1. Speed 1 delivers up to 260 RPM and speed 2 delivers up to 310 RPM. Switch between speeds to match your soil type.
  2. Good for tilling and cultivating, including weeding.
  3. 12 inches tilling width and 8 inches tilling depth
  4. Tiller weighs only 24 pounds and features a padded ergonomic handlebar. 
  5. You can till 8″ deep by simply raising the wheels.
  6. Fold-down handles to reduce the storage area.
  7. Easy to transport your Mantis in almost any vehicle.

This is a great tiller for people who just started gardening. A compact and powerful device for swift work.

Things we like

  1. Easy so to maneuver in any size of the garden.
  2. Built-in extension cord holder.
  3. Push-button start, no oil or fume.
  4. 2 years of warranty.

Things we don’t like

  1. Corded.

03. Earthwise TC70016

Earthwise TC70016 is a budget-friendly tiller with a powerful motor of 13.5 Amp. Its lightweight design, easy operation, and convenient storage system have made it a great choice for medium to large gardens.


  1. Powerful 13.5-Amp Corded Electric Tiller
  2. 6 adjustable tines
  3. Adjustable 11″ to 16″ Width tines and 8″ Working depth.
  4. Great for hard clay type soil

If you are the person who hates the fume and oil and does not want to spend a ton of money to buy your first/next tilling machine, then this tiller should be your choice. 

Earthwise TC70016 is easy to start and handle on different hard compact clay soil with ease. It has low to zero maintenance.

Things we like

  1. A powerful tilling machine at a good price.
  2. Adjustable tines.
  3. Good for hard clay-type soil.
  4. Easly operation.
  5. Till the depth of 6 inches to 8 inches

Things we don’t like

  1. Need to get an extension cord.

04. Greenworks Cordless Electric Cultivator

Greenworks is a reputable name in gardening tool innovation. Like their other gardening tools, they have several great quality cultivators. Greenworks 27062 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Cultivator is great for those who love to be hands-free. The 40V lithium-ion battery provides the power you need without any interruption and you will get a 3 years warranty for the battery. This is suitable for yards up to ⅓ acre. 


  1. Four 8″ forward rotating tines
  2. Adjustable tilling width of 8.25″ and 10″ for quick reliable tilling
  3. Adjustable height allows for a range of tilling depth up to 5″ for even cultivating
  4. 6″ rear wheels for easy handling and transportation across your yard
  5. Includes 4.0 Ah battery and charger
  6. 3 Year Limited Tool & Battery Warranty

Things we like

  1. Cordless
  2. No oil and fumes
  3. Instant start and easy operation
  4. Impressive performance for hard soil type
  5. Quiet
  6. Environmentally safe.

Things we don’t like

  1. Not much we have seen.

Green Works has a corded version of this tiller too. It includes an 8Amp motor with the same 10-Inch tines. If you think you do need raw power with a corded plug then go for it. Works the same as the corded version, but a bit noisy.

05. LawnMaster TE1016M Electric Tiller

If you are worried about a long-unused land with hard soil then the LawnMaster TE1016M Electric Tiller can help you. The LawnMaster is a corded lightweight electric tiller for people who loves to work on their garden all by themselves. It moves fast and easy on almost any soil, with low noise and maintenance needed.

There are two versions of the machine. One with 16-inch cutting width and the other is 18 inches. Both have the same 13.5 Amp powerful electric motor. The assembly is easy and you do not need anyone else.

The specialty of this tiller is you can dig dippers like 9-10 inches with the blade, easy to rotate in any garden size, and easy to handle.


  1. Powerful 13.5-Amp motor, 16/18-Inch Electric Tiller With 9-inch cutting depth.
  2. 6 rust-resistant steel blades
  3. Foldable handle
  4. Weighs 24lbs
  5. Clean electric power

Things we like

  1. Easy to rotate and easy to control 
  2. Clean efficient energy
  3. Folded handle for quick storage
  4. Powerful motor, suitable for almost any soil type.
  5. Cuts deep without problem
  6. Low noise operation
  7. Adjustable heights

Things we don’t like

  1. Corded power
  2. Fixed blade

How to Choose the Best Electric Tiller

Most of us do not like the oil or gas-powered tiller. They are a bit more work than the actual thing. Also, there are fumes and overheating hazards even after safety precautions. If you want a safe and environment-friendly approach to your garden tilling then always go for the electric tiller.

The best electric tillers come in two versions. One is corded and one is cordless, powered by a lithium-ion battery. If you think you will need a longer cable because the power source is at a distance from your field then go for a cordless one like the Greenworks 27062 G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Cordless Cultivator. Some people also think the power cord is an obstacle while tilling, this is why they go for an oil-powered tiller. We suggest you should go for the battery-powered tiller instead.

So how can you choose the best electric tiller? Remember these points we listed.

  1. You should first look into your budget for getting a new tiller. Don’t overdo it and make it a burden.
  2. The size of your field and the composition of the soil would determine the size/weight of the tiller and the blade types.
  3. Check if the tiller tines are fixed or rotating, moving tines are better for comfort and ease of use, but they do not cut deep like the fixed blades.
  4. The storage system and size of the tiller are important. Look for a tiller that has a fold-able handle with a good storage option. Also, the size of the tiller matters if you have less storage space in your shed. Bigger tillers have more power, but they also need to be put under a shed. Otherwise, rain and dust might hamper your machine’s lifespan.
  5. Each tiller has a safety mechanism to start and moving. Check if the one you are going to buy is convenient for you. Always read the manual before start using your new tiller. The sharp blades can do serious damage.
  6. Maintenance, service, and warranty is a fact. Check before you buying if the product has a warranty, and while storing and using what maintenance procedure you need to follow. A little maintenance and timely sharping the blade can last your tiller for a longer time.

So, have you made any choice yet? how is your recent tiller working? Let us know.

What's your thought?