In today’s busy life almost 60 to 80 percent of us forgot to maintain a hobby. Once gardening was my hobby and now I am busy with everything else that I couldn’t get much time to follow this hobby.

But, from the last year, I have started to give time to gardening again and I have changed the way I used to plant trees and nurture them. Now I am mostly interested in vertical gardening.

Vertical Gardening is one of the most futuristic approaches to growing plants and vegetables in a very small place. Have you heard of it yet? I guess you have already seen it in some places but, might not recognize what was done there.

Vertical gardening is not much different than traditional land gardening. It’s just giving the plants like flowers, herbs, etc. a vertical space to grow. These plants do not naturally climb up.

A simple example is hanging pots of flower plants on a wall.

You might have seen those soda bottles or coca cola bottles hanging in some neighborhood, full of small flowers, with different colors and nice smell. This is just an example of how easy a vertical garden can be.

Now getting to the point. Before you think of starting a vertical garden, you have to consider a few things. For example:

  1. Choice of plants at first. Most people start with flowers. I am now growing tomatoes in my rooftop and herbs in my kitchen in a vertical style.
  2. Consider the height. You can’t make them too big unless you are on an industrial plan of growing business. You need to water and nurture them. So making them higher than you can’t reach easily is not a good idea.
  3. Consider the weight bearing capacity of the structure you are going to use for vertical gardening. It should be able to carry the weight of the soil or medium, water, and plants.
  4. If you are doing the vertical gardening on a home wall, then consider it making moisture proof. You can use a polythene sheet to cover it. Water always finds a way to drip in and damage walls.
  5. You need a sunny place or enough grow light indoor for vertical gardening.

Some Splendid Example of Vertical Gardening:-

This kind of small setup can increase the beauty of your kitchen. Also a healthy supply of herbs.
These plants are not grown only in soils. For Wall mounted plants medium like rockwool or hydroponic system is used. These are called Green Walls.
There are very simple things around you that can be used to start planting herbs and flowers.
Plastic Bottle Tower Garden.

Learn, how to make a Plastic Bottle Tower Garden like this.

A Tower style plastic bottle garden. The water is recycled. This is the most cheapest yet intelligent design.
Pyramid Garden
Pyramid Garden
You can start a project anywhere in your house.

Why do you need to do vertical gardening?

A garden is limited to the imagination of the gardener. You can arrange your vertical garden as you like. Experienced people can decorate their walls and house surroundings nicely and it’s a kind of art.

  • Vertical gardening needs less space and you can do it both indoor and outdoor area. This is a good solution for urban living spaces.
  • It’s obvious that plants do reduce the carbon dioxide in the air. There is another thing a vertical wall garden can do for you. It can reduce the direct sunlight absorption by your home wall and keep your house interior cool.
  • A small vertical kitchen garden can give you fresh herbs for salad. Try that.
  • An indoor vertical garden can improve the air quality of your house.
You are limited only to your imagination. We do not get much space on ground, but we can go vertically. This side of the building also helps to reduce the inside temperature.

There are many ways you can decorate and live healthy via vertical gardening. My personal choice always goes to smaller herbs and vegetables. I also added a portion with beautiful perennials.

We do gardening for love to the plants and we want to grow something that can bring foods in our table. Vertical gardening is one of the best ways to do so.

Plants on a Building. We need more green like this.

Now, what is your plan and what are you doing these days? If you are interested in vertical gardening then you can follow these books.

What's your thought?