I am a book lover. I read a lot, and this is my favorite pastime. I do not read-only to learn, but it helps me avoid the unwanted people of the outside world. Often to avoid the environment of crowded places I go, I bring a book with me. So, when everyone is diving into the social media gossip, I concentrate on the black lines on a white paper.

Does it sound like you? Or, if you can relate any part of this with your own life, then this is the post I am writing for you.

I bought a kindle paperwhite almost six months ago, and after six months, I think this was the best gadget purchase I have made in a few years. I should have done it earlier.

Last year I bought books worth more than three kindle devices, and I gave away most of them after reading. So, price-wise buying paperback books is no longer viable for me if it is available in pdf or .mobi or kindle version. 


Why should you buy a Kindle?

  1. It feels like reading on a paper
  2. Lightweight, and you can hold it in one hand even when lying in bed.
  3. New Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof.
  4. It gives less strain to your eyes.
  5. It is cheaper than other reading tabs or iPad.
  6. I can carry it anywhere I go.
  7. The unlimited book library.
  8. You can listen to the audiobook version if you are tired of reading.

There are several other reasons why I can recommend you to buy a kindle over any other tabs. One of them would be distraction-free reading. When reading books on an iPad or mobile device, I was always prone to browsing social media and the internet. It does happen frequently. I was reading a book then suddenly a notification from social media came and boom…. My 20 minutes are lost.

While on Kindle, you have all these nuisance-free reading experiences. Moreover, it feels like I am holding and staring at a book. Reading books on tabs and iPads still feels like reading on a screen. After an hour, this gives me a headache.

Most people say you have a Kindle app for your android or iPhone; why not use it? Dah… it still feels like reading on a screen, and reading on a small screen like mobile is pretty bad in the long term.

I was able to change my habit.

Buying a kindle device changed my reading habit and how I use my time. Previously, when I used to buy a book (paperback), I needed a place to keep it after reading it. My apartment is small. There was not much space to put all those books I bought, and adding new ones was just a pain to my wife.

So, most of the time, I gave them away. I wasn’t too much into book reselling. The best thing is now I can use the Kindle to get as many books as I want, and it is not taking up any space in my room. Everything is on the cloud. I can carry a library inside my bag. I can read anywhere and anytime I feel suitable.

I spent a lot of time on YouTube and Facebook just after opening my mobile in the morning or before going to sleep. All those unnecessary but interesting things became an addiction.

After getting the Kindle, I have no distractions at all, and now I read for an hour before going to sleep. Sometimes I read in the lazy afternoon too. I am a speedy reader, and I have completed twenty-plus books in the last six months. It is a record for me 🙂 

I used to waste time on YouTube and social media. That is now spent on productive things. There is no doubt kindle has helped me to save time. Reading is such fun on Kindle.

How to get books on your Kindle?

Most people think they need to buy every book they read on Kindle; WRONG! You can read many books for free. Open your Kindle and search for free books. You will get the list. Double click and download to add it to your library.

To buy any book, you need to log into your amazon account and browse to the amazon kindle ebook store from the categories menu on the left side. Your kindle library will show any book you buy there shortly after purchase. Remember, your amazon email and kindle email should be the same.

Kindle has a family library option too. So, if one person buys the book, each family member can read it without repurchasing it on their device.

If you are a student or researching and writing books, I recommend you get the Kindle Unlimited subscription. This will allow you to read as many books as you want and access unlimited listening to any device through the kindle app. Moreover, subscribing to the six months plan will save you more money. Take the first month as a trial. It’s a Win-Win deal for any student.

How to Get Kindle Books for Free?

There is another way to get books loaded into your Kindle. Each amazon kindle app or device has a personalized email address. Go to Settings on your kindle device or app and find the “Send-to-Kindle Email” section. You will see an email address there. It is the specific email address for the device or app connected to your main amazon account.

You send any pdf or MOBI file to that email ID from any email address, and it will be downloaded to your kindle device and synced within a minute. You can download and read it on your Kindle after that.

.MOBI extension books are not always available in torrent or other book-sharing sites. So, I download the epub version of any book and use a desktop reader, like “calibre” to convert it into Kindle readable format, then send it to the designated email as an attachment. Now I have the books in my library for free.

You can also use the data cable to connect your Kindle device with your PC and load .MOBI and .PDF extension ebooks on the device.

Amazon gives you unlimited cloud space to store your books, and you can use this facility to send as many books as you want to your Kindle-specific email ID. Your device might have a limitation on how many books you can download. 

Mostly a 32GB kindle is good enough for most people. Unless you download too many audiobooks, you can’t outgrow this.

If you are a book lover like me and spend a lot of money on books in a year, get a Kindle device soon. This will not only help to save you money but will help to keep your time more productive than browsing social media. I wish I could buy the Kindle earlier! If you are not still convinced watch the video.

What's your thought?