TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag
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  • Usability
  • Design
  • Comfort

Warm and Comfortable for Family Camping

As said in the tile this is a comfy bag. More like fluffy and works nicely in any temperature. You do not need to roll your sleeping bag and waste time. This sleeping bag can be packed as it is within 3 minutes after use.

Depending on the price, quality and the comfort it gives this is a perfect travel sleeping bag for family.


  • Soft, warm and cozy for any season.
  • Easily pack-able, no need to fold.
  • A limited lifetime warranty available.


  • The stuffing bag could be a little larger.
  • Good for camping, not for hiking.

You will not go to traveling without a good quality sleeping bag. If you have your travel tent ready then what you need next is sleeping bag deals. You can get a good quality sleeping bag for around $50 to upwards.

On Amazon or eBay you can have lot of deals on sleeping bags, but be careful, if you do not know which deal suits you; you are going to lose money.

Today we are going to show you the bag for this week from Amazon. This is what we have chosen as one of the best deals of this week.

This is an olive green full size sleeping bag. The general specifications are as follows:-

  • This is 100% Polyester made
  • Soft brushed poly flannel liner for extra warmth and comfort
  • Two-sided zipper guards prevent snags; two-way zipper allows you to unzip the bag from the bottom up to allow increased airflow
  • Integrated, adjustable mummy-style hood
  • Shoulder baffle and a full length zipper draft tube keep warmth in and cold out
  • 95 inches long x 62 inches wide; 15-pound weight.

The bag is queen size and up to three people including a kid can sleep in it. With both sided zipper you can in and out from each side. In addition, it is possible to add more Mammoth sleeping bag beside it with the side zipper.

The bottom zipper gives the ability to spate the bag into two quilted blankets.

What good this bag can do than other ones?

First of all this is a good deal for family size sleeping bag. It is light, comfortable and easily accommodates two people easily even they have huge body.

You can use it as a blanket but you cannot create two separate bags with this. In snowy and cold weather, this can be a perfect choice. User reviews are very positive about this in cold weather.

The outer liner is water repellent and do not feel like complete plastic.

We can assure you that in very cold weather you will love the warmth and comfort of this sleeping bag. Why buy two separate bags for you and your partner while you can fit in one?

One thing to add, this is not your regular hiking bag. Carrying this with you for hiking might not be a good idea.

However, if you are going for camping in the mountain in cold weather you will find very few bags in the market can be compared with this.

Another great difficulty people face when trying to put it back inside the zipped sack. Let’s watch a video on it.

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