Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag Review

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In our research we have found that most people are happy with the product.

There are few people who identified the size is advertised falsely. This is why we do not recommend this product for you if your height is more than 6 feet.

Overall quality, price, warranty and user reviews makes it a good product choice.

If you are looking for lightweight sleeping bag reviews you have just landed on the right place. We are going to review White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag today.

This sleeping bag is considerably large and for cold weather only. So, you can’t use it in spring season or in the summer, it will be too warm for that.

Other sleeping bags we reviewed earlier is little bit price, but this one you can get for around 50 bucks.

It’s not pricey, still it does the work in cold weather. We have found the product in Target, Amazon, Wal-Mart and e-Bay. I guess there are lot of other places you can buy this online.

Although our recommendation is always goes to buy from Amazon.


Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag Review 1


Let’s check out some of the mention-able product description we found in our research.

  • It is made with 100% polyester and filled with 100% Cotton.
  • Materials are imported.
  • It works best in 30 to 50 degree weather. Not recommended for summer.
  • It’s a large oversized sleeping bag.
  • Good quality zip plow. It prevents zipper snagging by plowing fabric away from zipper.
  • Have roll controls that locks bag in place for easier rolling. You are going to love it.
  • Certified temperature rating
  • Zipper glide tailoring allows smooth zipper operation around corner.
  • Limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Soft comfort cuffs to surround your face.
  • Fiber lock prevents insulation from shifting and increases durability.
  • The thermo lock present confirms reduces heat loss through zipper.
  • Dimensions : 39 inches into  84 inches (99 cm x 213.36 cm).


Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag Review 2

If you compare the price and then the quality, it is a win win situation. There are very few products which got the 5 star ratings under this price.

The build quality is strong and the thermo zip lock feature with fiber lock makes it quite good for cold weather.

If you are going to buy this you need to remember that it can hold 30 Degrees Fahrenheit temperature. This is good for winter camping and hiking. Overall carrying weight it 6.8 pounds, obviously this adds up in your luggage.


  • Good bag for cold weather and good fit for large persons.
  • 5 year of warranty, that is a cool thing.
  • Price is considerable.


  • Only Grey color is available on Amazon
  • It comes only in one size.
  • Not suitable for summer or spring.
  • Can be a little big for you if you are not a tall person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

These are some queries that we think might be helpful before you decide to buy this cheap Coleman White Water Large Cool-Weather Scoop Sleeping Bag.

01. Can it be used as a blanket?

Ans: Definitely, it has the option to unzip from top to bottom and you can easily use this as a blanket.

02. Can two bags zip together.

Ans: Very few people tried that, but you should be able to do that. Though as said in the amazon review this is not a plug and play kind of thing. You need a bit practice to do that.

“Keep the two tabs at the very, very end of the bag (red zipper tab at the back like a caboose) and make sure they remain close together. Then you can remove one side of the zipper through both tabs. Takes a little effort but nothing forceful”

03. What is the washing procedure?

Ans: If you do not have an agitator you can wash at home washer. It can be washed in the washing machine with care.

04. I am a tall person can I use this?

Ans: The sleeping bag is considerable large, a 6 feet person can be fit in this comfortable. The height of the bag is 72 inches. Although the label says it is 84 inches but it is not. This is listed as 84 inches also in the Coleman site and we wonder why? If your height requirement is more than 6 feet then this is not recommended for you.

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