Travel Gear Laptop Backpack 6688 Review
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Travel Gear Laptop Backpack 6688 Review

This is a large laptop bag with lots of pocket and good quality design. The price is unbeatable to others in this category. Though it has only two colors and the price varies in color. The product material is pretty strong and it is a quality build. Most of the user reviews are positive after using this for a long time.

After reviewing the SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 this is the second item we choose for you. This bag is designed for laptops mostly. Not a great travel bag, but good for as a casual traveling backpack.

General Information:

While researching for this product we have found that this product is superbly built with durable polyester fabric. It includes multiple pockets with a durable design.

The back has a added padding for comfort and the Airflow padding makes it breathable while you carry it for a long time. All the pockets are padded nicely to hold your iPad, water bottle etc. There is an organizer compartment with slip pockets for carrying the small items.

Two features are most noticeable, padded laptop and iPad pocket and the fine design with two tones.


When you are buying from a brand name like SwissGear you can easily expect the best quality. The SwissGear Travel Gear Laptop Backpack 6688 is perfect quality laptop for your regular use and can be used casually for travel purpose also.

  • Separate laptop and iPad compartment with built-in protective pad
  • Suitable to fit most 15″ portable laptops
  • Comes in two colors: Red Course/ Black & Black cod
  • Organizer compartment with multiple divider pockets for pens, mobile phone, ID card and memory stick etc.
  • Large compartment with zippered computer accessories pocket
  • 18.5″ in height
  • 13.5″ in width
  • Exterior dimensions: 18.5″ x 13.5″ x 7.5″
  • Durable polyester material
  • 2 lbs in weight
  • Compression straps to firmly add your things

The bag is large in size grading. That means it can be used for casual travel bag too. One or two T-shirts, a pant with your laptop and other small accessories can be carried with ease.

Things we liked

  1. Price is the best thing of this bag, you can’t beat the price of this bag. Specially the red one is cheaper than any other laptop bag in this category.
  2. Super design with comfortable handling and usability.

    Things we didn’t like

    1. It is not suitable for kids because it is large.
    2. Only two colors available.
    3. The Black color version is a bit higher in price than the red one.

    Is it Water Proof?

    Most of the time the laptop bags are water proof but unfortunately this one isn’t. But it is water resistance to a certain level. The bag is dust proof though. The inner pockets are certainly safe from dust while you store your things inside the bag.

    Is it suitable for kids?

    As we said earlier this is a quite large laptop bag to even carry your things for 2-3 days outing. Not recommended for school going kids.

    Is it an Original SwissGear?

    Yes, this is an original product. Though the price from their main site differs with Amazon.

    We recommend this product for both male and female. Good to carry it anywhere for any tech savvy person. Usable in any season too. Stylish, light and comfortable to carry books, laptops, small things like keys, cards, earphone, small digital cameras etc.

    What's your thought?