The North Face Vault Backpack
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Best Northface Backpack

If you are looking for a budget backpack for your everyday use, this is the one you should choose. It is suitable for people of all ages and serves the purposes of most. You can carry your clothes, electronics, books, and even laptops.

The backpack is cheap than the other backpacks in this segment. Several colors available depending on your mood.


  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Water resistance
  • Great designs


  • Only one size available

Travel season is on the way and if I am right, you are here because you need a backpack for your tour. Do not worry; you are in the right place. I am going to guide you to the cheap north face backpacks you need for one or two days outing.

This unisex vault backpack series is perfect for anyone for regular use or when you are going for an outing. You can easily carry your laptops or gaming device along with some other clothes and gears in it. Still, you will have space for a knife, toothbrush, and some other tools. One of the good things for this particular backpack is this is one of the cheap north face backpacksWe always look for sale online and sometimes the sale products do not meet our demand even that is at a low price. You will not be disappointed with this cheap north face backpack.

Build Quality

The backpack is made of synthetic materials, Polyester. It has an extra reflective patch for glowing during the night. Therefore, if you are cycling at night, this is a perfect fit. The vault series has several designs, most of them have this reflective patch.

The small pocket has eight separate sections where you can arrange your small things, that’s pretty cool.

There is also a padded pocket for your laptop. You can easily place your 17-inch laptop in it. So, it can be easily used as a combo pack. Though it is not suitable for placing a DSLR camera.

The shoulder strap is adjustable and for the comfort of the long hiking, there is also a chest strap. You may think you are not going to use the chest strap, but who knows it can come in handy when you put a heavier instrument on the backpack.

The zippers for both pocket style is covered with lining to prevent the water from dripping in. Cool for people who cycle/travel a lot during the drizzling.

What age it is suitable for?

This backpack is suitable for almost any age for a day or two outing purpose. Especially for kids going to school or when they are camping. We would not recommend it for outing purposes when you are leaving for a week or more.

Note: This backpack is perfect for kids going to school or camping as a regular carrying bag. They can carry their laptop and some other necessary tools in it and carry it always with them.

When you are using it for travel, you might want to lose the laptop and fill it with the clothes you want.

Is it Waterproof?

We are not sure. The build quality of this cheap north face vault backpack does not indicate that it is waterproof, but many users said they have used it in the rain without any problem. We are not suggesting it though. You must be very careful when you are carrying your laptop or other electronic devices in the rain shower. It should generally save the contained in the normal rain for about 20-30 minutes. However, it is not advisable.

More than 100 people have positive reviews about the weight; build quality and room of the bag. That means this can definitely replace your son’s old backpack.

There are several colors to choose and only one size is available. Look for them in here. You can choose this special edition for the following reasons:-

  1. Build quality is better than other cheap north face backpacks.
  2. It is spacious and comfortable to use.
  3. There are great colors and size is perfect for a daytime backpack.
  4. You can use it on any weather and season.

All of the above you are having a great deal on it.


This is the best part. We have checked 100+ bags and no other company is offering such a competitive price. Depends on the size, color, and the variation of materials you choose. To us, this is a great value product. Check all the price range and color variation before you make any choice.

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