Don’t have a 3D TV, no problem. Still you can enjoy 3D movies on your Computer or Laptop Screen!

In a cinema hall, there are projectors from both sides that make the effects of 3D on the screen. You are provided a clear glass to see the effects. Without the 3D glass, you will see a blurry image on the screen. Now the question is do you think you can watch the same 3D effect on your normal PC (LCD) or laptop screen?

Not exactly, but you can get the feel of 3D to a certain level with a special kind of red-blue(Cyan) glass. The projection glass that we use in a cinema hall won’t work on our home PC or laptops screen. Because that will not consume some of the rays from the screen. So if you want to watch a 3D movie on your home at a cheap cost then get a 3D glass-like the following.

ImageProductDetails  Price
3D-GlassPro X Style Red/Cyan 3D Glasses for Movies and Games on Flat Screens➤ Watch 3D movies or play games on ANY TV or PC
➤ Works for all red/cyan anaglyph material including games, movies and print
➤Inexpensive, light weight and comfortable
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Morthome 3D GlassesMorthome 3D Glasses for Movies 3D Print Magazines TV Anaglyph Photos 4 Type of Lens available
➤ It could be used to view 3D print, magazines, comic books, TV ,Anaglyph photos
➤ One Size Glasses
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BIAL Red-Blue 3D GlassesBIAL Red-Blue 3D Glasses with Case Glassese Cloth 2 Pack Made of black plastic frame and red and cyan high quality resin lens
➤ It could be used to view 3D print, magazines, comic books, TV ,Anaglyph photos on the internet and publications as well.
➤ Packing included:2 x 3D Vision Myopia General Glasses +2 x case + 2 x BIAL glasses cloth
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EasiLife 10 Pairs 3D GlassesEasiLife 10 Pairs 3D Glasses – Red and Cyan Anaglyph, White Multipack Used for 3D (Red and CYAN) viewing on internet, DVDs, VHS tapes and broadcast TV (anaglyph)
➤ Folds and stores easily and lightweight
➤ Packing included 10 Pairs of 3D Glasses
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Pixnor Children 3D GlassesPixnor Children 3D Glasses Passive Circular Polarized Lens (Red + Blue) Frame material: ABS plastic. Size:125 * 140mm
➤ Compatible with a wide range of passive 3D objects and screens.
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INFICOLOR 3D EyewearINFICOLOR 3D Eyewear➤ Compatible with these games for PS3 and Xbox 360: Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City (Warner Interactive) ; Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY edition (Warner Interactive & Eidos) ; Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (Warner Interactive) ; Assassin’s Creed Revelations (Ubisoft) ; Captain America: Super Soldier (SEGA) ; Thor: God of Thuder (SEGA) ; Enslaver: Odyssey to the West (Namco Bandai).Check Price

These are the cheapest 3D glass anyone can afford for home use. There are a few kinds of 3D glasses. Most common 3 are:-

Active Shutter Glass

Polarized 3D Glass

You can even make this Anaglyph 3D glass in your home with a little effort. The following video will explain how you can do this as a fun project with your kids.

If this is too much for you, then there is always the easy option. You can get one from e-bay or amazon: Pro X Style Red/Cyan 3D Glasses for Movies and Games on Flat Screens.

Where to Get 3D Movies?

You can buy good quality 3D movies from online or watch some of the items in YouTube. Also download them from torrents. Torrent is quite a good place to download these movies for free.

Another thing is that you need a good player to play theses videos: MKV player like VLC gave me a hassle to play 3D videos. But KM player is a good choice. Actually it has a 3D button at the bottom left to test which video dimension works best for your glass.

How to Convert Your PC Monitor Into a 3D Monitor?

As a human, we have a complex visioning system to see the color, depth, and the texture of any object. While in the natural world we can easily understand the depth and distance of any object due to the complex light adjustment by our brain.

The entry point is our eyes. For any object, our eyes get a slightly different image and our brain then turns it into a 3D object.

But, when we see a projection on a flat surface like in the cinema hall screen, it can’t produce this phenomenon. So, we see a 2D vision.

To make it 3D the projection has to be different. Something like two overlapping images for both eyes. Then we are given a special glass to make these images appear like a real natural source. This is how 3D movies work at the cinema.

To convert your normal flat PC monitor into a 3D monitor you need some special driver. This graphics driver will help you create overlapping images on your flat PC screen. Then you can use an anaglyph glass to convert it into a 3D monitor.

NVIDIA 3D Drivers:

If you have an NVIDIA video card then download their driver and NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player. The walkthrough is easy and you will be ready to watch 3D movies in no time.

All other Screen Types:

My personal favorite is the KMplayer app. If you are not too tech-savvy with all the driver and settings staff, then go and download KMPlayer. This video player has built-in driver support and an automatic update option.

You can see the 3D button at the bottom left of the player.

In KMPlayer run a 3D movie from your storage or PC hard drive, wear your glass and click on the 3D button. Now enjoy the magic. Your normal flat screen has converted into an anaglyph 3D monitor.

The anaglyph 3D glass uses red and blue images to show you 3D. It’s like tricking your brain.

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