We are not going to review any product today. This is just a small post about how your smartphone is deteriorating your health. In this era, almost everyone has a smartphone. We are getting used to it after the revolution of consumer goods linked to the cloud/web. Even if you do not need Facebook, Twitter, G+ or other social media you are using it.

Ever asked the question why?

You are connecting with people whom you are meeting every day. Or, you used to call them on a regular basis, but now you don’t. Because your connecting behavior has changed due to the advancement of technology.

Smartphones are such a device that is making us lazy in concern to our social relations. Have anybody ever asked, do we really need the social media to connect with friends and family? Yes, it has created huge advancement in communication, but brought some disadvantages also. Let’s discuss some of them.

Smartphone’s Disadvantages

01. Changed Sleep Behavior

What our evolution says, we sleep at night and works at day. But, after the technological advances, we started to roam more and more at night also. Normal people who tend to sleep at night now stay awake.

This is not just for work, for entertainment purpose only. Students, kids, grownup man and women all seems not following the natural sleep cycle. And, the most probable reason is, they are browsing the internet and social media laying in their bed at night.

Now you see, we have used PC and other gadgets all day long and even when we are going to bed we put our fingers on the smartphone again. Why? bright screen with so many changing information over our eyes keeps us awake for late night and it’s difficult to get rid of the habit once we are into it.

What are we gaining from late night mobile browsing? Weight gain, Depression, Tiredness all day long and severe social insecurity. It’s like someone else is controlling your life even though the turn-off switch is in your own hand.

02. Dirt and Germs

This is a common thing. Our smartphone is as much dirtier than we think. We touch many things the whole day, we shake hands, we drive, we touch the chairs and tables, shoes, toilet seat… and the list goes on. Then we touch one common thing with a regular interval, that is our smartphone.

Do we wash our smartphone?

Nope… not at all.

Now imagine how many germs are in their on your fingertip. If you consider the menu book in a restaurant dirty, consider your smartphone multiplied by ten.

So, what’s the solution?

Obviously, you can’t wash your smartphone. What you can do, wash your hand before eating.

Occasionally cleaning the front and back of your smartphone with cleaning liquid is also a good idea. Professional help is needed in some cases.

We are mentioning this because we want kids at your home to be safe. It’s a common trend now kids are addicted to smartphones from their childhood.

The best choice is to limit their screen time as much as possible.

03. Lack of Concentration

You do not need to be super intelligent to know that using a smartphone while you are in bed will keep you awake for a long time. This will make you dizzy in the daytime, working like a lazy person also feeling less concentration to everything you do.

Students are the worst sufferers to this trends. If you sit for study then do turn-off your smartphone. Checking social media notifications on a continuous interval will break your concentration. When this practice continues you will less likely remember the details you need to put on your exam sheet.

China has more likely accident prone shopping malls for kids because the parents are busy on their smartphone.

Remember how many time you been warned not to text and drive.

Ever asked WHY?

Because we have already seen how devastating it can be for you and other people on the road. Concentrate on driving when you are in your car, smartphone using might kill you. Texting or updating Instagram can wait.

04. Safety Issue

A few days back it became the regular news that Samsung’s battery of note 7 is exploding everywhere. The company faced a massive blow from the media and public after that.

How much money did Samsung lose because of the note 7?

Analysts at Nomura estimate ditching the Note 7 could mean $9.5 billion in lost sales and wipe out $5.1 billion of profit. But Samsung, which has a market value of about $194 billion and annual sales of $179 billion, should be big and profitable enough to weather the loss of one model.

Many people were injured using that phone. Same went for some of the iPhone users.

Although this is not a prominent threat now, still the airlines confirm that you do not have Samsung note 7 on-board with you.

Also recommended that you do not charge and use your phone as the same time. This can also heat up the battery and more likely to explode in your face.

A few years back we had published a post about ” How the world will be without technology“. Look, how far we have come now. Imagine what will be the future?

Are we going to stay as a human race or some hybrid controlled by the technology? Either you control it or it will control your life. The decision is all yours.