There are many different ways to access television in the UK and it with many options it can be difficult to choose which service you should sign up for.

Many people choose Sky Digital for their television services, but what are the advantages to this particular option?

When you compare Sky Digital with other television services is it the best choice for the average viewer?

There are advantages and disadvantages to signing up for Sky Digital  so it is very important to weigh up your options and compare Sky Digital with the other services available so that you make sure you are making the right choice.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Sky Digital:

Things we like

  1. A digital TV recorder such as Sky Digital allows you to put live television on pause in the middle of a program and resume watching it when you return. You are also able to record your favourite television shows and watch them whenever you want to.
  2. You will be able to watch one program while recording another.
  3. When you sign up for Sky Digital you will not need to buy a new television. You will also still receive all of the free channels that you always have had, such as the BBC and ITV. You will receive the Sky Digital box free when you first sign up.
  4. Sky Digital offers the largest range of channels of any other digital television service provider in the UK, so you will have plenty of channels to choose from.
  5. Sky now offers free broadband to its television subscribers, which is a great deal if you also require internet access.
  6. It is possible to connect your Sky Digital recorder your PC, so that you can record and view Sky TV on your computer rather than your television. It is also possible to set up your Sky TV so that it can be viewed in more than one room so that you can watch television on multiple TV sets throughout your house.

Things we don’t like

  1. You will not be able to save endless programs on your digital TV recorder and after a while the space will fill up. If you need more room for storage you will need to store the programs on a DVD.
  2. To set up your Sky Digital television you will need to have a mini-dish installed on your property and if you don’t have this it could be labour intensive or expensive to set up.
  3. If you live in a listed building or a rented flat you will have to obtain permission for a Sky dish before installing. The installation can be confusing and if you cannot do it yourself you might have to pay for someone to help.
  4. The minimum Sky Digital contract is 12 months, which makes it not suitable if you are only going to be staying in the location for less than a year. There are no pay as you go options for people who are only living in an area short term.

These are just a few of the pros and cons associated with Sky Digital television service. Before choosing your service make sure that you examine all of your options so that you can choose the right television service for your particular needs.

Before signing up for a television service, make sure that you compare Sky Digital to all of the other available options to decide which the best choice for your needs is.

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