facebook evolution

The social networking site Facebook has been evolved a lot in recent years. From a simple idea, now it has become a great place for everyone who uses the internet. You can’t hate it how hard you may try. Because all of your friends are connected with it.

Here is a sample of how Facebook has evolved in this days.

Though this only shows the outlook and the actual changes are the inner core of its social sharing matrix.

Facebook Profile in 2004

Evolution of Facebook 1

Facebook Profile in 2005

Evolution of Facebook 2

Updated version

Evolution of Facebook 3

Facebook Profile in 2006

Evolution of Facebook 4

Facebook Profile in 2007

Evolution of Facebook 5

Facebook Profile in 2008

Evolution of Facebook 6

Facebook Profile in 2009

Evolution of Facebook 7

Facebook Profile in 2010

Evolution of Facebook 8

Facebook Profile in 2011

Evolution of Facebook 9

Facebook Profile in 2012

Evolution of Facebook 10

Facebook Profile in 2013

Evolution of Facebook 11

Facebook Profile in 2014-2015

Evolution of Facebook 12

2017 Update

Facebook has gone long way since it’s beginning. It has now a complex matrix to determine how people react more with it’s front and back end. So, they are adjusting continuously.

We assume that in near future each people’s feed will look different depending on how a person looks on the screen, what color he/she likes and where they live etc.

Facebook is collecting huge data and some of them are not legal. A breach might be on the way.

Evolution of Facebook 13
Facebook Home Feed in 2017
Facebook Profile in 2017
Facebook Profile in 2017

2018 Update

It’s almost the end of 2018 and the evolution of Facebook still continues. It’s still the number one social media on the internet. We assume it will continue thriving in the next year and so.

Although this year doesn’t go well for the Facebook team and Mark Zuckerberg in terms of security and reputation. On two different occasions, user data were breached in 2018. One of them was pretty serious and almost made 400,000 people vulnerable to the attack.

Facebook has immediately taken steps for that. Who knows what is coming in the future days.

In terms of Design and Functionality, there weren’t much change on the appearance of the website. Very small tweaks like the square of the profile picture became round and the feed text boxes shadow and cornering etc.

facebook feed-2018
Facebook feed 2018
facebook profile 2018
Facebook profile 2018

Facebook ads revenue increases and cost for advertising also increased both for CPC and CPM.

Facebook is giving the group owners much more flexibility and ways to earn from the community by paid subscription.

Pages are getting more business oriented as more and more businesses are joining on Facebook for brand exposure.

This year we have seen more videos are showing on the mobile feed. There is also a dedicated video icon on the Facebook’s mobile app.

Evolution of Facebook in 2019

Evolution of Facebook 14

Facebook is trying a new design for it’s PC users in mid 2019. Mobile users are already enjoying this light design on the app.

Evolution of Facebook 15
This is how the personal profile looks in 2019.

There is not much change from the last year. At least not anything big to notice. Facebook is focusing more on the mobile app.

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