Couch Console is an interesting project I found on Kickstarter. Most of the time there are several items introduced for funding that I do not need. Or life goes on just fine without having them.

This too is not a must-have product, but it caught my attention because it looks good and it can give you the ease of mind and flexibility to some extent.

It’s an organizer for your TV remote, coffee cup/drink glass, mobile cradle, snacks pot, and many more. The interesting part is its box-like design and the gyro effect to keep the liquid in a balanced position when tilted.

couch console

Many times while you are enjoying TV on your sofa, you have your phone, TV remote, snacks, and drinks closer to you. When you move there is a chance to spill liquid or drop chips on the sofa. It’s annoying and can ruin your beautiful sitting arrangement.

But, when you are using the Couch Console you can organize them all in one place, and thanks to its special built technology your snacks and liquids won’t spill even if you move.

I would love to use this in my car too. Many times I spill coffee sitting next to the driver. Although it is not recommended you drink and drive 🙂 but this couch console can limit that.

Couch console is a modular setup. You can combine the boxes as you need. There is a USB C charging port and phone holder too.

As I said earlier this is not a must-have organizer box, but it will help you to keep the focus on the more important thing while you are driving or enjoying a movie.

Interested? Get more details and order one here.

What's your thought?