Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a dream. We currently use it every day. It will continue to thrive and expand considerably more than we imagined. Do not, however, take it literally, unlike in the movie Terminator. It won’t attack us anytime soon.

So, what purpose do we use AI for?

Many things around you are now using AI. AI learns from human inputs through deep learning and corrects itself over time. The more data it can grab, the more precise the outcome will be. AI can be found in self-driving cars, automated voice recognition systems, face unlocking in mobile phones, predicting floods, cyclones, and rain, fraud in online transactions, security and surveillance, and so on.

Our list today will contain the AI services that are used to create images and videos.

Image created with AI. Keyword “A robot in space”

01. Midjourney

Midjourney AI for image creation is the most interesting one on the market. You can try the service for free if you have a Discord account. They have a Discord channel for their beta program users. We are amazed at how a small team of independent researchers can create such a buzz in the tech community.

02. Nightcafe:

This is an easy one for beginners. All you have to do is describe the image you want to create, and the AI will do the rest. There is a credit system to generate images. You will get a few credits for free to try it out.

03. Canva:

Canva is already popular among designers and bloggers for its easy interface. Recently, the text-to-image option was added. You can try it for free, but for unlimited access to the library and tools, upgrade to a pro account.

04. DALL-E

The DALL-E tools are the work of Open AI, a Silicon Valley research lab. Recently, it has attracted huge attention because of its realistic image-generating capabilities. Although the tool wasn’t free to use for most people, it is now available to try for a limited time. You can pay for the API cost and use the tool as an integrated service in your apps.

The most amazing thing is creating images with different styles and the capability of creating different versions of existing artwork.

05. Jasper

Jasper started their service as a text creation tool. The AI helps generate content based on the provided keyword. Now, they have branched out further so that you can also generate images depending on your keywords.

06. Deep AI

Another good example of AI services that can create text and images instructed by keywords. The pricing is a bit high for individual users. But it is good for the developers, as they provide enterprise services for Android apps and websites.

You can see many websites have now grown to provide this text-to-image service. They mainly get an enterprise service from open AI and pay for the API calls. The image generation is thus embedded on their website and apps for you to use easily.

AI image generator for mobile:

Apart from the top 5 options, you can also generate images on your mobile phone. Here are some good options, both for Android and iOS.

01. Wonder Art: This is an easy AI image generator I’ve used. The annoying thing is the advertisement you need to watch before converting an image. Pay $25 once, and you can use it without advertising for the rest of your life.

02. Starryai: With one million plus downloads, this is our second favorite choice.

03. WOMBO’s Dream
04. Photoleap AI Art by Lightricks
05. AI Art Generator – GoArt
06. ImmaginAI – AI Art Generator
07. AI Art Generator – Fantasy

So here are the few we have tested and thought you might like. The days of doing things manually are going to end soon. At least we can hope to decrease the workload by 50%.

Want to try some automated bots in action? Then go to You have to install the Chrome extension and create your own bot for doing repetitive and boring tasks on websites.

AI is mixed in with our everyday activities, and after a certain time, we may not be able to identify it as a machine-induced activity.

Intelligence is a very rare thing in the universe. We humans are always searching for it. Maybe someday we will find the same human level of intelligence in any of the other star systems, but till then, AI is the closest thing we can imagine as our companion. A true AI will start learning, and it will evolve by itself after a certain time. Let’s hope they will not turn on us in the future.

What's your thought?