Most people know that Apple is a very large company, but some people do not realize how large Apple really is. In 2011, Apple made a total of $128 billion. This is higher than the gross national products in Cuba, Sudan, Slovakia and Tunishia. It is estimated that 694 new iPads are created every minute. This means that if a baby born today purchases 100 iPads every day, then he or she will have a total of three million iPads by the age of 82.

It is estimated that Apple will sell 56.4 million iPads in the year of 2012. The IOS devices are almost as popular as cars. In 2008, there were 213 million cars sold worldwide.

There were 200 IOS devices sold worldwide in 2008. The iPhone is perhaps Apple’s most popular product. In fact, 40 percent of Apple’s revenue comes from the iPhone alone. There were 72 million iPhones sold in the United States in 2011.

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