Undoubtedly you’ve heard people say that “the future ain’t what it used to be.”

In some ways that may be true, but if you look at our list of six TV sci-fi gadgets that actually exist, you might change your opinion just a bit.

For instance, if you thought your Uncle Bernie was unbeatable in Trivial Pursuit, you haven’t sat across the table from IBM’s Dr. Watson and gone head-to-CRT with the silicon-brained fount of knowledge.

And, correct us if we’re wrong – wasn’t Dr. Watson Sherlock Holmes’ somewhat less intelligent sidekick? Imagine how well the Mr. Holmes upgrade will fare on Jeopardy!

Think of how much better your life will be when your RocketBelt from The Sharper Image arrives via UPS. (TIP: You’ll probably have to sign for it.)

You can’t put a price on being able to fly over the bumper-to-bumper commute traffic. Our only concern is how we’ll be able to text when we have to have both hands on the controls. Oh yeah, speech recognition…

Graphic via GoDish.com

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