These 10 everyday food hacks will make your life easier. We forget many little details everyday, we could have make our cooking and preserving food more interesting if we can remember these.

01. Preserving Bananas:

Separate each banana and put a plastic rap on the top, as tight as possible. Now you can preserve it even a week.

2. Make Easy Chocolate Bowls Using Balloons

Making the bowls is simple. Wash your balloons, blow them up, dip them in chocolate, wait for the chocolate to dry, and then pop away! Fill them with ice cream for a fun party treat.

3. Hard Boiled Egg

Just bake the eggs in 325F and drop them in ice water after 33 mins. Walla… they are perfectly hard boiled egg.

4. Perfectly Cook Your Burger

Did you know if you put a thumbprint in your burger, it will cook flat, rather than bowing in the middle. So it cooks more evenly throughout.

5. Alternative for Pizza Stones

You can use this not only to make the perfect pizza at home, but also make other crisp foods.

6. Home Made Taco Shells

You have to preheat the oven in 375F then put the tortillas in the oven with cooking spray. bake for at least 7- 10 min until you think they are ready.

7. Coffee

Stop adding extra water in your iced coffee.

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8. Temperature for the Perfect Tea

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9. Make a Bacon Wave

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10. Eggs are fresh or not?

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