Every traveler out there has a restless mind. They do not rest for long and always try to plan for a longer trip than the previous one. It’s true.
While a tourist looks for comfort and makes schedule among the work and life balance, a traveler looks for the journey and the thrill to meet new people.

Asia can be the right place for a traveler for the long escape from the busy crowd.

Asia is the largest continent of the world, has some great place for both travelers and tourist. On this blog, we will try to discuss 10 of the most popular travel destination according to people’s choice.

We have researched through online and found the data via Agoda, Lonely planet, Trip advisor and some stats are also collected via our own poll.
You are always welcome to send us your travel pics and info’s if you want to encourage us to add a new location to this list.

01. Bali

Bali is an Indonesian island. It is called the paradise of Indonesia. Beautiful long beach with white sand, Crystal clear blue water to dive in the coral and enjoy the tropical creatures. The awesome culture of the local people and the green jungle in the coastal area, all these made Bali the number one destination in Asia.

You might have seen many postcards from Asia that is printed with the Nature and beach images of Bali.

If you consider the hospitality of the people, you will be amazed. They are very friendly to travelers and tourists. Why not? A large portion of their income is coming from the tourism.

In a single sentence, Bali is the gorgeous place you shouldn’t miss if you are planning a travel in Asia.

02. Siem Reap, Cambodia

Now, many of you might get surprised by seeing this in the second place of your list. Don’t be, it’s another amazing place to rest your soul in northwestern Cambodia.

Cambodia itself has many heritages to visit, but Siem Reap is something special. It’s the gateway to the ruins of Angkor, which was once a prosperous city of the Khmer kingdom (9th–15th centuries).

There are vast places of temples, ancient architectures and ancient drawings carved in the temple wall.

The environment itself creates a pretty much ancient effect on the visitors. But, don’t get onto it yet, there is a night life also in Siem Reap that most tourists are attracted to.

Far away from the modern world like Singapore or New York city, this place is something just you always see in a movie. And you are living on it right now.


03. Phuket

Phuket is the largest island of Thailand. There is very little to say about this popular tourist destination. You might have already known a lot about Thailand and Phuket. All the year around the place is crowded with people from around the world.

The blue lagoon with the sunset in the sea horizon made this a dreamy place. Although water sports are the main leisure items in here, there are many temples, gardens, and aquariums to visit.

Apart from Phuket people love to do Jungle Safari when in Thailand, but Phuket is the most popular place for the beautiful beach and the dreamy environment.


04. Kathmandu, Nepal

Nepal is the country of peace loving people. The people and the warm hospitality of mountain people will make you come to Nepal again and again.
We had a full Nepal travel blog here for you.

As the countries capital, Kathmandu is visited by the people from all over the world. The city is always crowded with people passing by for mountain tracking or traveling to other places of the country.

You can see many aged tourists are relaxing in Kathmandu. They love to stay in Kathmandu as the city itself reminds them of their golden time.
The nature of the hilly area, beauty of the mountains and the hospitality of the Nepali people will attract anyone.

Kathmandu is one of the best budget destination for tourists.

05. Hong Kong

Hong was once under the British rule and after that transferred to China. It is now used as the special administrative region (SAR) of China.

As a result, you will see the mixed culture of European, Western and Chinese in the city. All sorts of color and people are in here. The faith of the Buddhist people and the food of the western corner all can be found under one roof. It is one of the busiest business centers too.

It is one of the densely populated cities in the world. Yet, it always kept a balance between the past and future. To the visitors, Hong Kong is ready for the life time experience of shopping, dining and sightseeing experience. The tax-free Hong Kong is a sweet place for bargain shoppers.

Here is a nice video explaining Hong Kong.

06. Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea is an amazing travel destination to Asia. Apart from the modern architecture, the city is known for temples and shrines dated back hundreds of years. Many of them are still intact like as before.

You can enjoy the local cultures, foods and yet take a dive into the modern night life in Seoul. Koreans loves shopping and their shopping malls will make you remember Singapore or China.

This place is a mix of natural beauty, old heritage, and modern pop culture. You taste the freshness of everything in here.


07. Singapore

Singapore is the costliest city to live in Asia. The city is always remodeled by the Gov. You will see some unique designed architectural specimen only in Singapore.

As Singapore is costly, you might not get a good glimpse of the luxury life if you are a budget traveler. The Hotels in Singapore are pretty much costly, but you can live in the Dorm or hostel within your budget.

Singapore is also one of the smallest and densely populated countries of the world, but the country is very charming to travel and everything is within an hour distance from the city’s business center. You will find very few countries of the world have such facilities and strict rules.

The most important places to visit in Singapore are Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Flyer, Segway, Tiger Sky tower, Cineblast, Singapore Discovery etc.


08. Bangkok

It is one of the most visited cities in Thailand. Most visitors come here from Europe and America. Thailand is a popular destination for people who love sex, gambling and night life. Although, many visitors from Asia and European countries come here with family for vacation.

The attraction of Bangkok, Thailand is its people, colorful culture, and the foods variation. The city is known for a valid entertainment zone and like Singapore, it doesn’t have so many strict laws. You can almost do anything if you can spend enough money.

Bangkok has at least something for people from every taste. Check out this video about 25 things you can do in Bangkok


09. Manila

Manila, Philippines is not a shiny city like the others in this list. But, it is another most visited city for the travelers. Less Asian and more European visitors go there every year.

So, what is so special about the city?

The mix of Spanish architecture with modern design is pretty much visible in the city design. The capital is a busy and noisy place with mixed culture. You can taste the dirt of Asian sub-continent on one side and also the refreshing environment of your hotel suite, night club like the European style.

Forget the tourist map and just walk along the street. You will find much more than in a travel map. Taste the street food, people’s voice and the churches standing for thousands of years.

And obviously the most famous Red Light street.


10. Kyoto

Japan the land of sunrise and now the land of technology, has one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Kyoto.

Kyoto once was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, and it still remains as the Japan’s most beautiful city.

The most beautiful part of Japan’s attraction is its culture. It is completely different and healthier than most of the Asian countries. Their life style, food, culture and obviously the literature is out of the world. Any tourist/traveler must love Kyoto for all these things.

Kyoto is a cocktail of refined Asian culture. And you will remember the Cherry blossom for all of your life.

Apart from these travel destinations, there are hundreds more. Let us know what is your favorite one.

There is a saying that if you want to know anyplace, then leave your hotel room and stay with the locals as a local. We hope you will have a great travel experience.

What's your thought?