Rome is a hugely entertaining city. It was once the capital of Europe. Rome containing the history of thousands of years is still the best place to go for a romantic vacation.

The place where civilization seems to begin. Once it was said that people in Rome are civilized and others are barbarian. Well, we might not put it that way now.

Rome has seen many wars and glory during its days. Besides the scenic beauty, we can enjoy the historical places and some shadow event still to date while traveling Rome.

The architectures and planning of the Roman empire are comparable to many modern-day engineering.

So, if you are going to plan to visit Rome anytime soon, then this infographic will provide some good information about what to do and what not while in Rome.

Some of the tips provided here are in generally true for any destination you go. Like, do not eat near the cafes or restaurants of a tourist attraction. The restaurants near these are normally overpriced and waits for tourist like you.

When you are leaving for a tourist place, always carry a water bottle and if possible get your breakfast first. The queue on the entrance is generally long.

Let’s see the full list of suggestions bellow.

What to Do & What Not to, While Traveling Rome