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Origin: A Mystery Thriller from the Master Storyteller Dan Brown

A brilliant computer scientist Edmond Kirsch was going to reveal a secret about the two prime questions humanity asks for so long… Who we are and where we came from? He invited the world on his revealing program at Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Robert Langdon the Harvard professor of symbology and religious iconology was present in the audience. Unfortunately, Kirsch was killed by a Roman Catholic zealot at the very stage.

Now, it is up to Robert Langdon and the beautiful bride of the future king of Spain to reveal the secret to the world.

Dan Brown is a master storyteller. Those who already read his previous book series featuring Robert Langdon- “The Vinchi Code”, “Angels & Demons” and others, might know the suspense-creating power of Dan Brown.

He might be the world’s most popular thriller writer right now. So, when you see a book that has his name on it, you be sure that it is going to be a best seller.

Apart from his fame from the last few books, how is this book “Origin”? This is the 5th book of the Robert Langdon series. The professor is out again to solve the conspiracy of the world.

I was very curious before reading the book. The flap said very little about what you are going to get but look at all the reviews online and offline, most are not happy. They think that the elaboration of the one simple quest was too long.

To my point of view, this is how a writer creates suspense and drama. Dan brown has successfully plotted a simple question-answering session for more than 300 pages.

For the first 100 pages, the story didn’t start to fly. It’s just the introduction of a massive revealing program going to be held by Edmond Kirsch, the genius computer scientist. After the killing of the Krisch on the stage, it begins to wrap around the professor and the lady Ambra. They started to run all around Spain and Barcelona to get the passcode of Edmonds’s computer.

Your journey starts here. Each moment they are being followed by the police, assassins, and the royal guards. You can feel the places from the detailed description of Dan Brown. In his previous bestsellers too, he maintained a style where we described popular places in a way that readers feel like they are walking into those places.

In this book, the professor and Ambra run through the tourist hotspots in Spain — Casa Mila! Sagrada Familia!

Origin” does not reveal the secret that can shatter the faith world of humans. But, it successfully creates a doubt that an educated reader always had in their mind. The question of our existence and the fight between Religions & Science.

The biggest conspiracy in human history might be the appearance of religion. Dan Brown repeatedly trying to explore that path for his Robert Langdon series.

No doubt, the book series will be hated by some people just because he included religion and others will hate it just because he gets too descriptive narrating the plot.

Anyway, this is a good read for a thriller lover, and Tom Hanks should be ready for this one too. This is going to be a lot better on screen.

Interesting fact: ConspiracyNet.com website redirects to Dan Brown’s website :). This website is mentioned several times in the book.

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