Most people absolutely hate them. You hate them. The whole world hates them. But when it comes to waking up, what would we do without alarm clocks?

The folks at set out to trace the History of the Alarm Clock in this nice infographic, and I think they’ve done a pretty nice job.

Who would’ve thought that the earliest alarm clock was simply drinking a lot of water before going to bed? But that’s the way it appears to be. And how about birds? It seems pretty obvious that birds were one of the ways that early man woke up every morning, but this is something that, strangely, you just never think about.

The infographic also touches upon the subject of the Snooze Button. Is the Snooze Button a blessing or a curse?

We could write an entire post on this subject alone. Tell us in the comments what your thoughts are about this infographic and about alarm clocks.

Do you hate your alarm clock, or do you think that it’s a useful tool that you wouldn’t like to live without? I think there will be a lot of heated opinions on this subject.

What's your thought?