Every one of us is using at least two to three credit or debit cards and having more of them in your wallet makes the wallet thicker.

What if you can get all of your cards like a credit card, debit card, gift card, loyalty card or membership card replaced by only one card? Yes, that is now becoming the future.

With Fuze card you can actually store thirty cards data in only one card. Fuze works like your regular debit/credit card. Although it has a digital panel and all the security measures are taken by you. You will decide what level of security you want.

Fuze was an indiegogo project. You can find the details in here.

Fuze cards come with a box, including a digital card, a card info copier, and a charging adapter. With one charge the Fuze will go for a month.

Unlike normal cards, it has mobile apps that give it extra security layer. You can identify or authenticate your card via your phone. So, if you lost it you can find it.

The thickness of the card is like a regular card. So, no need to worry about swapping or inserting it an EMV reader. The plus point is you do not need to carry all your cards except one, Fuze.

Unbox Therapy has made an awesome video about the Fuze card and how you can connect it with your mobile app. Let’s check out.

Don’t forget to check their hardware wallet for Bitcoin: Fuze Card: Your Whole Wallet in One Card

The tag line for the Fuze card is “The affordable smart card that consolidates your entire wallet.

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