Don't Look Up (2021)

Movie title: Don't Look Up

Movie description: Two infamous scientists discovered a mountain size comet is heading towards earth. They are afraid of its tractory and calculated that it would destroy everything on earth, including humans.They tried to warn the humans, but everyone seemed to ignore their calls, and in the end, there was no time to do anything about it.

Date published: 05/12/2021

Country: USA

Duration: 2h 18m

Author: Adam McKay; David Sirota

Director(s): Adam McKay

Actor(s): Leonardo DiCaprio , Jennifer Lawrence , Rob Morgan , Meryl Streep , Jonah Hill , Cate Blanchett ,

Genre: Comedy

  • Story
  • Music
  • Acting

A Must Watch Black Comedy

Don’t listen to anyone or the critics; this is a great movie to watch. Director Adam McKay’s black comedy “don’t Look Up (2021) is aimed at politicians and society who ignore scientists’ calls to do something about climate change. The planet killer comet and the crisis around it seem to make the two scientists mad, but people are obsessed with pop culture and the unnecessary tech around them. Despite warnings at several levels, all the collective intelligence failed to do something to save the world, and in the end, our species is gone.

I am glad that I didn’t read all the reviews online that critique the movie so much before watching the movie.

I watched the movie, and I loved it. This might not be the best creation of McKay, but it was enjoyable two hours of my time.

There are always high hopes when you round up so many star actors like Decaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill in a single movie. The budget is not high enough to make a sci-fi comedy with super special effects or the Armageddon like feel; the intention never was. It was a political satire, and it delivered the message perfectly.

Also, it was definitely about climate change and how the developed country’s leaders are ignoring the experts’ calls for their political agenda. The larger people ignore the scientists’ message and feel safe in their digital fortress of social media, pop culture, and tech.

But, the naked truth is we failed as a race. How would we save the planet if we can’t save our own species?

In time the movie also aims at the present media and all their bullshit feeding to the general people. There is no truth until it is told, and the media is the primary source of misinformation controlled by the so-called profit group.

Di Caprio is just amazing in the role of a nervous professor who is prone to panic attacks. It seemed natural when he talked and moved in front of the camera. Another Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, as Kate Dibiasky, fulfilled the due. Both of them pictured the situation as amazingly perfect for a hopeless group.

Jonah Hill with Meryl Streep as a mother-son combination will put a smile on your face.

If you are aware of the present world, you can picture the character of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, to Donald Trump in the satire. The movie pointed fingers at everything unnecessary we use to keep ourselves busy.

It may be a comedy or a political satire movie, but the metaphor is so accurate that it should shock most people. Our system is broken, and we willingly ignore it until the last day.

We bury our heads in the sand and wising it will take away the crisis, but the truth is climate change is real, and it will hit us hard.

What's your thought?