Why Should You Buy an iPhone

I am fond of iPhone- a huge fan you can say. This is because I am using Apple’s gadgets for a long time. The first thing come on my mind for iPhone over Android is- “Hey man it’s Apple”.

Since the first iPhone in 2007 they have made a huge changes in their tech and usability. The Smartphone can now really be said as smart as I need. I can browse internet, listen to music, watch movies or take some snaps for my facebook.

So, what is the big deal? Many other phones can do so. But when you will start using an iPhone you will see the class that feels in your hand. It’s longer lasting battery life and the graphics is top class than others. The best thing might be the apple store where I can use lots of free and paid apps. I am not feeling bored anymore while waiting for my girlfriend.

I would love to recommend you for the iPhone 4. I am using it and it has improved the camera and browsing quality. The games are faster and lively now.

If you are going to upgrade to iPhone 4s from iPhone 3GS then there is no problem. Just check with your provider. But if you are going to upgrade from iPhone 4 to 4s then you might not see a total difference here.

If this is your first iPhone you are going to buy then go for iPhone 4s, you might have to spend some more $100s for that. My recommendation will be going for iPhone 4. The 4s is upgraded but you have to think that, is it worth the money for you?

Anyway, it is your choice. For the first time buyers – I guarantee you that you will never regret that you bought an iPhone. After a week of using, you will miss it if you forget your phone at home. This is a stunning beauty indeed.

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