Where to Download Android Apps for Free

This is kind of a recap discussion. I hope most of you (90%) know what an android is and where it is used now-a-days.

What is an Android?

Android is a Linux based operating system that is developed by Google Inc. The system is on continuous development and as an open-source development Google has given it to the hardware manufacturer of mobile devices like phone and tablets. Even now the android laptop PC’s are also available.

What is an android

The popularity of android platform has gone in such a level that people now chooses android phones over the iPhone. This is because of 2 main reasons- android is cheap and there are plenty of apps on android platform and most of them are free to download from Google Play. An estimate of 25 billion downloads have been made by the android users since 2012. Surely it describes the popularity of the platform. You want to take all the facilities of Google in your pocket? Then there is no turning back to the android platform.

Getting Android Apps for Free

You can always download the free or trial versions of android apps from the Google Play store.  There are more apps than you can use in a life time and continuously added everyday by the huge community of developers.

But some apps that take much labor of the developers and have some special functionality cannot be used for free. Google play shows the prices of this app on their thumbnail or in the description. You need to pay by the Google Checkout to get the apps. If you do not have the checkout account and a debit or credit card attached with it then you can’t buy any paid apps from the Google Play. even some of the games that needs in game purchase for coins or extra game levels have to be also bought by the checkout account.

Most of the top class games are paid apps in Google Play. Not only paid android apps are found in the Google play but other third part developers are also selling apps through their own site. Now if you are looking for the paid apps in cracked version (not the exact phrase I wanted to use) and download them as free. These are the sites list you can try your luck.

  1. http://www.apkarchive.com: This is one of the best place where you can find some good apps and games for free.
  2. http://www.appsapk.com
  3. http://www.1mobile.com/app/market/: This is another app that will install a market place window like the Google Play and you can find many more exciting apps with this for direct download.
  4. http://fileapk.com: Another place for some cool raw apk file downloads.
  5. http://www.apkgator.com: Another alternative of the Google Play. You can get the legal free apps and games that can be installed in almost any android device.
  6. http://androik.com/: You can get some paid apps in older version in here. It is worth to give a try.

Download the APK files and upload/copy it in your SD card. Then enable third party app installation from the security and settings. Then click on the app in the SD card to install these apps.

Warning: In a rooted device installing apk from SD card or installing from third party sources might harm the device so install apps at your own risk. Before installing apps from and unknown source please read the reviews or check it with a good antivirus. I will advise you to use the AVAST antivirus mobile addition to protect your device from unwanted malware attack.

There is a better way to get the paid apps for free and legally. It’s Feature point. Go to feature point, download and play with the free apps and you will get points. You can redeem these points to get the paid apps.

Alternative Source:

many of the apps can be found in the 4shared file sharing site. This can also be tricky if you know where to find these paid apps.

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