Using a Shared Hosting- Why and Why Not?

Shared hosting is the way where you can share server resources to many people/client at a time. In this kind of hosting a client who is hosting his/her website need not pay the full server rent. The rent is divided as equal to the space and resources he/she will be using.

Is it Secure?

The most common solution for those looking to secure hosting is a shared package. Shared hosting packages allow website owners the space to host one or more websites in a sub account. That account is hosted on the same server as other users’ accounts. In practice, hundreds and potentially thousands of websites may be hosted on the same server as a shared package, hence its name. This allows for the costs of hosting to be kept to a minimum, versus a dedicated server.

Using a Shared hosting

The costs of running a full server can run into the hundreds. For smaller websites, shared hosting should be more than sufficient, and perhaps its major strength is the significantly lower cost. Shared hosting packages cost around $50 annually, and it can be possible to open and operate your hosting account without much difficulty or delay.

From a security perspective, shared hosting can help prevent issues from arising with the loss or damage of files on your server. Hosts take regular backups of their shared servers, and so it should be possible for you to recover any lost information through getting in touch with your host for a backup directly.

However, shared hosting does have its drawbacks. While the managed, shared element helps reduce the overall cost for each individual website owner, there are disadvantages to hosting your website on a shared server.

Disadvantages of a Shared Hosting

Because shared servers hold multiple different sites, your website might be slower to use. A sluggish website can cost you customers in the end – nobody likes to wait to use the web. Furthermore, this can factor into search engine rankings, with page load times a confirmed factor in Google’s search algorithms. Websites that are hosted with low-quality providers tend to perform less well in search rankings as a consequence.

Depending on the integrity of your host, it may be the case that your shared server hosts “bad” websites, or accounts that are used for spamming and other illegitimate online practices. If you are being hosted on the same server, this can tarnish your site’s reputation, as well as jeopardizing the security of your files and making you more vulnerable to attack.

AYK news and announcements can help keep you in the loop with hosting products. The alternative to a shared hosting package is a dedicated server. While these are always the more expensive choice, it is often a price worth paying for larger websites, or for those more serious about how their website operates.

If you are anticipating large traffic flows or heavy use of your site, or even if you are simply looking for a more securely hosted solution, it might be best to make the step up to a dedicated server for the additional control this can bring.

For anyone starting out with their first website, or running a site for a hobby or part-time business, shared hosting can be a perfectly feasible solution. A low-cost service that is easy to get up and running, shared hosting can be ideal for feature-light hosting requirements. However, for a more robust system that offers greater control and flexibility, a dedicated server will often represent a more desirable choice.

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