The iGotchi App Review

iGotchiDid you used to love that little handheld digital pet toy known as Tamagotchi that used to be a very hot item back in the nineties? Basically, the goal of the player was to take care of an egg, which would hatch after the toy is turned on. The player could name it and nurture it until it turned into a cool digital pet. The pet’s needs were quite simple: you had to feed it, play with it, clean up after it and watch it grow. It also had to be kept happy, full and clean at all times. Easy stuff!

Well, guess what? Thanks to the great iPhone application development teams available nowadays, a lot of iPhone fanatics can now take full advantage of an app that is exactly like the famed Tamagotchi of old: the iGotchi app!

Yes, iGotchi is very similar to the Tamagotchi. It is just as simple and has the same buttons that the handheld toy once had, except with a few exceptions. For one, you can look at the Care Meters, which have different labels like Water, Food, Health and Love. When the meters go down, that simple means that you have to do something and press one of the respective buttons.

Other evolved features include Gotchi points. Basically, in the iGotchi app, you will act as a caretaker and you can earn several Gotchi points, which you can then use to buy digital pet toys and accessories at the Gotchi store. Naturally, the longer your Gotchi stays alive and the better your care for your Gotchi is, the more Gotchi points you will get in return. Aside from that, your goal should also be to get your creature to grow and mature, so that you can enjoy its different changes in appearance.

If you love virtual pets, then the Gotchi app would definitely be a perfect fit for you. Probably the only bad thing about this app is that the pet has trouble responding accordingly when it is being petted or played with. While petting your digital pet and playing with it is supposed to make it feel loved, the love meter will sometimes fail to go up when you do this. Fortunately, you can just press the love button for this, so it really isn’t that much of a problem.

Also, you should know that if you buy accessories and toys for your digital pet at the store and your pet ends up dying, you will lose everything that you bought. So make sure you keep your pet alive.

On the flip side, the good news is that the Gotchi app isn’t just available for the iPhone, either. The majority of smart phones out there can install this app, as well, including the BlackBerry and the Droid. Its service capabilities are practically limitless.

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