Sony Wi-Fi Disc Player (2013 Model)

A Wi-Fi blue ray player is a device that every movie lover is going to love. You can stream and connect with all the devices like TV, PC or mobile device you have. This particular Sony disc player I choose because of its versatile design and quick applications.

You might have already read other Sony Wi-Fi blue ray player reviews before coming here. That means you have already an idea how a Wi-Fi blue ray device should be.

First of all I am coming to its look. As seen in the image you can clearly see it’s small and movable, that’s a plus point. Sony’s design concept is also good enough to place it anywhere. Reason I love the Sony products is not just because of their usage, they have a good design concept for almost all of their devices. This Wi-Fi disc player “Sony BDP-S3100 Blue-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi (2013 Model)has a good elegant outlook. General features that might be interested to you are:

  • Premium design and super Wi-Fi to enhance your streaming experience
  • 100+ streaming apps: Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, and more
  • Full HD 1080p Blue-ray Disc playback and DVD upscaling
  • Control and browse from mobile devices with TV SideView
  • Enclosed drive and I/P noise reduction for better picture

Another great feature is you can see thousands of Amazon instant movies and videos once you register with them.

The front USB capability enables you to watch offline movies, videos and images from other devices. Now, this is the feature I look for in most of these Wi-Fi streaming players. Without it a device is incomplete to me.


You can see a lot of improvement in the Wi-Fi connectivity of this device. It certainly loads 10x faster than other old devices. A 2.5MB internet speed is recommended to get the best experiences. I think most of us have that. If you do not have a Wi-Fi in your TV (which is very unlikely when you choose this device) – you can use the HDMI cable to connect it. Onscreen helps about how to connect with your Amazon account or PC will be a breeze for anyone.


I didn’t find much. But some people have found that sounds drops off sometime. Well it can happen if you put the device inside any cabinet or your Wi-Fi signal is disturbed by some other device. It can be fixed once you find which device is causing this.

Rather than this, I think this is a fine device to play blue ray disk faster and stream online videos from thousand of online sites.

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