Should You Get the New iPhone 4S

The new hot product in tech market is the iPhone 4S. Those who haven’t still got their iPhone should think about buying the iPhone 4S and the users of iPhone should think to upgrade to 4S. This is sure that the iPhone 4S is the hottest and geared with the latest and best apps available in the market. The decision always goes like- if you can afford it, you should get it.

When you start a new contract

If you want to take a new contract from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon then there is no chance you should choose the previous iPhone’s. I will recommend you to obviously get the new iPhone 4S. It is not just, because it is new, but the iPhone 4s is a huge update from the previous versions and if you want to keep up with the advance world then it is a must thing.

Some might think that you can get an iPhone 4 for less price, well I know that, but my point was to take the latest if I can afford. Wait sometime if you want to get it in a discounted or reduced price, but get the latest.


Ahh.. this is always a pain for me. I do not love to upgrade, as I am lazy like my friend Nino. Nino got cash better than me, so she always buys the latest ones and if she can then sells the old one. Well I am not adopted with it.

As there are a new iPhone major release in the market all the previous one’s users should update. AT&T  and Verizon is the best choice to be upgraded. But remember that the upgrade is only internal so if you are a user of iPhone 4, think before upgrading. There are costs associated with the upgrade. Happy user with iPhone 4 might think twice to upgrade, why spend extra?

Another better choice is the unlimited plan for the customers of new iPhone 4S, Sprint is offering this to grab the market. I do like the offer. Sell the old one and grab a new one with Sprint’s unlimited- that’s it.

This is why you should choose an iPhone 4S for yourself.

–          Better storing capacity of 64 GB that means you can save almost your entire music or even movies to watch later.

–          The gaming performance has been improved a lot with a duel core A5 Chip. The upcoming games might not support the previous versions very well.

–          The back camera is 8 mega pixels and some serious improvement has done for your instant photo shoot.

–          The new siri app voice command is only available in iPhone 4S.

But before you run into a decision there is things to point out.

–          Can you afford the new iPhone.

–          Do you actually need the iPhone? Because not all the users are going to utilize all the apps and facilities that iPhone 4S will provide. So, it is not must that you have to buy one if you are not going to use it.

If you are not the mobile gamer type or browses internet a lot in your phone then you might choose another phone than this in less price.

I am not discouraging or encouraging you, just saying that this is a beautiful phone to buy, if you can afford that and if you want to utilize its power.

So, lots of things to decide before you rush to buy the new phone.

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