Sela the Space Pirate [ Android Game]

Every week I try to review a game or apps for android. As of today I have downloaded a game and played for a while. Today it was Sela the Space Pirate.  There are two versions of the game. One is free another is $3.36. Obviously you will not get the taste of full game in the free version and their is also ads in that.

If you have played any 3rd person shooting games (Plane Games)  on your mobile before than you must feel how it will be. It is not any extraordinary theme game to buy in this price. I am comparing to other games in this price. But this game can be addictive in some time if you play for a while. After level three it becomes difficult to pass the level.

Shoot and earn money ( fill up with coins) that’s the main storyline. Though it starts with a good splashing graphics but the graphic is also average and haven’t made me WOW! I had played SEGA’s shooting game before like this type and as a result I haven’t seen anything special and stopped playing it after an hour. But I can assure you it is a good time filler.


It could have been easily one of the best game if there were some more creative ideas in it. As for suggestion a strong storyline with some clips and levels should be easier when the game progress ( people love easy to go things) The graphics is not sharp enough at least haven’t made me to fall for it. The sound track is also disturbing.

So, my overall rating is this game doesn’t suits my choice. Can you try it for a moment?

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