Samsunxy Nexus Vs. the Samsung Galaxy S II

With so many mobile devices on today’s market, choosing between them can be a nightmare. This isn’t helped by the fact that we’re under constant pressure to upgrade our handsets. Every now and again, there is a great upgrade released. Not many people would think twice about trading in an iPhone 4S for an iPhone 5, for example. But that doesn’t mean that every upgrade is necessarily worth it. Today we’re looking at two of Samsung’s phones. The first is the Galaxy Nexus, a great little device that’s offered at very low cost with most mobile service providers such as Orange and T-Mobile, and the Galaxy S II, the Nexus’s upgrade. We wanted to know whether this upgrade was worth it or not. So we put these two devices to the test, head to head, to find out how they compare and what their differences are. If you’re in the market for an upgrade, then you might want to read on to find out whether or not this one’s worth it…

Samsung NexusWhat the Galaxy Nexus Does Better…

Being the older model, ideally the Nexus wouldn’t do anything better, but that’s rarely the case with these things. The Nexus does have a pretty big advantage, that lies in its screen. It has the larger screen, measuring in at 4.6 inches over the 4.3 inch screen on the Galaxy S II. But that display also has two and a half times higher screen resolution and around fifty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch). These two things combined mean that the display on the Nexus is noticeably brighter, clearer and sharper than that on the Galaxy S II. For a smart phone, the screen is a pretty big deal and a major factor in purchase decision making, and it looks like the Nexus just does it better.

What the Galaxy S II Does Better…

As an upgrade, the S II just doesn’t have the kind of features that we’re looking for. It has a Super AMOLED Plus screen, rather than the older Super AMOLED screen on the Nexus. AMOLED Plus screens are lighter, thinner and use less battery power, but given the far superior screen quality on the Nexus, this doesn’t really count for much. You do get a better camera. The S II comes with an 8 MP built in camera, rather than the 5 MP device on the Nexus, meaning photos taken on the S II are better quality and have more fine detail. Probably the galaxy s iibiggest advantage of the S II is that it’s lighter, smaller and thinner than the Nexus, but on the other hand, it does have the smaller screen, so it might not be a worthwhile sacrifice.

Should I Upgrade?

We’re going to go with no. It’s just not worth it to upgrade. You don’t get enough new features for your money. You’re better off hanging on to your Galaxy Nexus and waiting to upgrade to the Galaxy S III, than getting an S II.

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