Samsung Chromebook [Review]

Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)

Price: $249.00

Overall Rating: 7/10

With the 11.6 inches display and a Dual Core Processor this is quite a good choice for light users. I am saying it again- this is quite good if you are going to use it for light entertainment, messaging and typing purpose. I mean on the travel it comes handy for me.

But if you think that you will type for a long time and need some extensive graphics to edit- like using Photoshop and other web-tools then it’s better you get a better one in higher price. It does only the thing it should in $249.

After you unbox the laptop (it’s a standard laptop package – comes with AC adapter and Chrome sticker) you might feel it average or bellow that. Open the lid and it starts immediately. It will ask you for Wi-Fi and will get the latest updates by itself. After I logged in with my Google accounts it imported all my apps and bookmarks and browser histories. So this is quite cool. I can give 10/10 for this quick startup.

The screen is quite impressive but not the best I have seen. The sound and video playback is super cool. I have no problem or complain about it.

One interesting thins is that it feels solid when you lift and and as it is closed on every side it also feels good to me. Oh- I love a little heavier laptops. 🙂 . Anyway after the first one hour browsing the web and watching YouTube it seems cooler than my other laptops. Strange!!!  but it shouldn’t be that quite or cooler after being used this long and quite also. 10/10 on this too.

So my overall impression on this product after the first day use is – IMPRESSIVE!!! It runs faster, starts faster, has built in antivirus protection system and a web guy like me who stays online most of the time must have to love it.

You have to see the price and then the service it provides- after that you can also say WOW its really a good deal!

Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)

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