OnePlus Launching Special Star Wars Edition (5T) in India

We admit that Star Wars is one of the biggest franchise in the movie industry and even in history. There were several other companies before like Motorola who sold products in this hype.

It’s now time for the Shenzhen-based company OnePlus, they are releasing a special edition of their popular 5T model with StarWars sign on it.

Here it is spotted on the verge.

Although the phone will be seen on Indian market only and there is no confirmation that how many units will be available and are they going to available in other countries also?

One plus is already in a strong position with all their marketing campaign in India. This is another great step in this effort, franchising with the big name. Just before the releasing of the “Star Wars: Last Jedi” on December 15th.

There is going to be an event on December 14th in Mumbai, India to launch the phone and other Star Wars swag. So, if you are planning to get to Mumbai, December might be the time.

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