Looking for the Best Packable Duffel Bag?

The name duffel came from the Duffel town in Belgium. It was famous for producing lightweight strong woolen clothing that as used to make luggage covering.

Time passed and the wool has been replaced with nylon clothing.  Nylon made it thinner yet strong. Today the technology of duffel bag has improved a lot better.

People love duffel bag because they are lightweight, easy to fold and you can carry it with comfort.

We are going to check the specs and price of the eagle creek pack-able duffel bag. We choose eagle creek because of its user review and the price.

We have asked several of our readers when they use duffel bag?

They said, mostly for unexpected travels and when you need to pack quickly and get going.

The duffel bags wide open mouth and the flexibility makes this happen. Yet, you need to choose your duffel bag carefully. The size and the material it is constructed with should be match your travel frequency.

Eagle Creek Duffel bag is constructed with Poly Ripstop materials. The design is obviously agronomic.

If you do not know eagle creek, they are one of the top travel equipment maker.

The bag is 12 inches high and 22 inches in width. As told earlier the Poly Ripstop is pretty good to hold up your clothes and extra luggage. Just don’t overdo the weight.

It has a niche hand grabber to carry in hand, but the shoulder strap is not padded. So if you overload the bag and try to carry it on shoulder that will be uncomfortable.

The main compartment is lockable and the bag comes with a side pocket for holding some extra keys, wallet or tickets.

This is a pretty small handy bag for any quick travel. You can just fold the bag and can keep it in pocket it comes with.

The best suggestion will be fold it, press it and put it at any corner or at the bottom of your luggage. You can use it anytime in your trip.

The capacity of this Eagle Creek Packable Duffel Bag is 45 liter. Enough for a single person’s luggage for 1-2 days. Mostly it should be used as a carry-on baggage for short trip.


  • The price is good
  • Well designed
  • Durable and have strong fabric, sewing is fantastic
  • Enough space inside with lockable main compartment
  • Side pocket for small items


  • Shoulder strap is not padded

Overall this is a convenient, lightweight and strong duffel bag. The design is pretty good for hand carry and the material is comfortable on the skin.

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