iPhone Top Five Applications for Business

This is the age of technology and in this era different technologies have been introduced to us by many companies that are providing us benefits for our daily usage and for business purposes. There are so many companies developing various gadgets to make people lives easier. When we talk about comfort, ease and reliability at the same time, iPhone is the name which comes first to our minds these days. This phone has been in the market for the past few years, but in this small time it has introduced so many features that have shocked the world. Everyone is getting benefits from this little miracle. It is the most famous phone among children and older people. It has so many applications which are really beneficial for the business men and women.

If someone is starting a business, and they cannot spend much time at a desk because there is a lot of field work required, the  iPhone has developed so many applications that they won’t have to sit in their office all the time. They can perform their business tasks whenever and wherever they want. Not only for these types of businesses, it’s useful for all kind of business men and women. In this article we’ll discuss top five business applications that business men and women can use to work away from their desk.

  • Just Money Expense Tracker:  This application is very useful for business men. With the help of this application, they can track their multiple transactions in real time. They can keep record of where their money is going and where it is coming from. They can transfer money to multiple accounts and on top of that, if their credit card is being used, what kind of item has been purchased, they can keep track of it. Not only this, the application helps generate the financial report of their transaction as well.
  • Ledger: This is one of the best applications iPhone has ever introduced to business users. This is a complete money management system. It helps you keep track of all the money you are spending , it can record purchases, any kind of money transfers , your loans, all kind of invoices and receipts. With the help of this application you can easily check your daily transaction from your all accounts and it can effortlessly edit account and transaction sequence.
  • Goal-Tracker: This application is your personalized goal tracking system. In this application you can add your goals and your daily achievements. You can keep track of daily progress towards your goal and you can develop plans and strategies to achieve your goals. We must say it works as your daily motivational calendar. Whenever you are going down, losing hope and focus, this application is something which is keeping you on track. It helps you in tracking your progress and when you review your progress, you can always modify the plans and redesign your strategies in order to achieve.
  • Web Ex: This is an application which is very beneficial when you are away from your office. It helps you in attending online meetings, you can easily exchange your contact information with so many other users and it has a collaboration tool which is so helpful accessing shared contacts and calendars. Not only this, with the help of web ex you can send instant messages to your colleagues and you can log on to enterprise communication services.
  • Share Plus Office Mobile Client: With the help of this application you can access your business data through your iPhone. You can leave notes and share your data with your other clients. You can synchronize your office data online; you can make changes and make presentations whenever you want. This can be synchronized with your laptop or PC as well.


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