Galaxy Empire- Game for Android

galaxy empire android gameGalaxy Empire is a space story based strategy game. I have been playing this game for last 2 days and found it pretty impressive. Previously my top favorite was the AOE game that offered a cool game-play, battling with other players around the world. Now this one is coming at my top chart as I am spending more times with it.


Google Play Store link: Or just search with “Galexy Empire

Requires Android Version: At least 2.3.3 and up
Space Requires: Less than 30MB

Story Line

The story is pretty much similar like the Age of Empire and other conquest games. The difference is that in this game you will be assign as a leader of your planet. where you will improve the planetary base with various technology update like mining, researching, creating space fleet, energy consumption solar panel etc.

The better part is- this game loads faster than AOE and other types of strategy game and use very little phone resources. But you should know as an android user- you can play the game non-stop 4 hours only on a single charge. Graphics quality is better than I expected on my Sony Experia Ion.

The game advances with the instruction from a lovely lady who will tell you what to do. You complete each task successfully for a reward and will be assign for the next until your level is up. The tasks you will be assigned at the beginning is like: establishing a crystal mine and Metal mine. This two resources are very important for the advancement of the game. You will also need energy sources like gas to do more research for the technology upgrade.

Anyway, the fun part is you will get the instructions quite handy and can decide your strategy on what to do next. If you do not want to buy Dark Matter which you will need to advance in the game just wait for 3 days and log in each day to get some as bonus. Remember that- without finishing a task if you advance to the next task that means you will complicate your advancement in the game.

Defense is the best strategy in this game so make your base stronger and storage full of metal and crystal with energy pack before you go for an attack. expanding won’t be good unless you can keep what you have occupied.

If you ask me how’s the game- the answer is ‘Awesome” it can be a very addictive and time filler game. I believe this is one of the best strategy game for sci-fi lovers who want to play games on their android. a5 star rating from me.

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