Do You Want a Kindle Fire?

If you are the person who travels a lot and love to keep your library with you, then this is a must gadget you should have.

Why should you think of buying the new Kindle Fire?

New Kindle Fire has come with a 7’’ inch superb touch screen. The processor has also been improved. In it, you are having now the duel core processor that will give you the stunning power of browsing while you are on a journey or even laying down in the sofa or near the pool.

There is always a thing to compare that it shares the same kind of IPS technology that has been used in the iPad. So you can have a movie with your partner in wide angel. The high-resolution color comes with a number of 16 million that is something to be amazed.

Reading the magazine from Amazon store while downloading a music video or movie wasn’t so easy before this.

I guess this is going to be the future of books. If all the books of the world were going to be digitalized then there would have been no alternative of Kindle. The color you will read in is just mind blowing, man it is 16 million colors- so you can’t miss the details in your magazine.

A novice user who haven’t used kindle before might though that it is hard to operate or complex, I assure you that the navigation and the functions are also very much easy to use. And as for amazon if you are interested in watching movies then you can download it from the Amazon store or just stream it online. The second option is my favorite.

This is not an alternative of iPhone or iPad. This kindle is just another gadget you will need everywhere you want to carry your things for spending leisure time. Kindle fire is in general a gorgeous device to hold on.

Have I told you about the cloud storage? Unlike other smart phones or ipad you do not need a memory card. Amazons cloud storage will keep your songs, docs and books safe. Anytime you can stream or download from there. It’s most probably the safest way for me.

Browsing, chatting , writing and reading were been no easy before kindle fire. I can give you some reasons why you should have one of this hi-tech gadget:

  1. It’s easy to carry on and can be hold in one hand.
  2. You will feel like you are moving with your laptop, but no hassle associates. Kindle itself is a little computer (Some people may have other opinions)
  3. Gamers or book lovers all are also on the go with it.
  4. The cloud hosting is free from Amazon.

To me it is the best gadgets you will need if you travel a lot. Moreover, the price is in the limit. So, everything related to information or entertainment is open for the users.

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