Deluxe Hiking Pack is one of the Best Cheap Backpack for You

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This is a cheap backpack for your grownup kid or for you. The quality might not be top notch, but it delivers the job it was made for. Large backpack with lots of adjustable straps and exterior pockets.

Deluxe Hiking Pack is one of the Best Cheap Backpack for You 1

You must know that any good quality hiking backpack will cost you almost 200 bucks. You can check some of the items from northface and compare the price with other brands.

Definitely, you get what you pay for.

The bag we have selected today is a cheap backpack. This shouldn’t be your primary backpack for long travel or hiking. But, this is the best you can get at this price.

The design of the Everest Deluxe Hiking Pack is very much attractive. Also, this is a very handy backpack at this price.

If you are looking for a cheap backpack this is the one you must have.

One thing to remind, this is a very large backpack. It’s around 50L inside.

General Specs:

– The bag is made of 100% polyester materials.
– 30” in height and 17” in width, the shoulder strap is 22” in length.
–  Several compression straps are visible on the surface.
– There is a hidden external frame, you can feel it.
– Waist and back are padded quite nicely for comfort.
– There are 9 exterior pockets
– The inside space is 50L

As we said in the starting of the review, this is a cheap backpack and you must know that you get what you pay for.

Although, when you will compare the price with other available bags in the market, you know that you’ve got a good deal.

This bag is large enough for any bigger person and several compression straps are available to adjust.

The inside can hold 50L and you can strap your small tent or camping pad at the bottom of the bag.


– It’s a cheap backpack for casual use.
– Huge space with lots of adjustment straps.
– Weather resistant bag.
– Plenty of pockets for your small gears.
– Comfortable to carry.


– Available in one size only.
– Only two color variations.
– You can’t carry your laptop electronics in it. It’s too large for that. There is actually no extra padding to carry instruments like that.
– The fabric is not top quality (price does matter).
– Doesn’t come with a rain cover.

Deluxe Hiking Pack is one of the Best Cheap Backpack for You 2


Frequently asked Questions:

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Everest Deluxe Hiking Pack.

Q: What is the space inside?
Ans: 50L as said by the manufacturer, but we think you can carry approximately 44L.

Q: Is it waterproof?
Ans: Not exactly, it can resist up to a level, but drowning is not an option. We do not recommend it for that purpose. It’s weather resistant.

Q: Is it good for a tall person?
Ans: Yes, the bag is huge. Anyone over 5feet should be able to carry it comfortably.

Q: Does this have side pocket to carry the water bottle?
Ans: Unfortunately not. The side pockets are small to carry any bottle.

We recommend this product only if you are looking for a cheap backpack. This bag is made to hold a lot of gears and clothes, so no need to worry about space. The carrying is also pretty comfortable.

There are some people who confirmed that their straps worn-out after the very first field trip, which is pretty unlikely. Other than that this is a good bargain.

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