Apple’s Plans for Expansion: the New Austin, Texas Campus

Apple is rapidly growing into being one of the world’s largest companies. From its humble roots in the 70s, Apple has grown from a simple computer builder to the company that has changed the environment of how people listen to music, communicate and play. With their suite of products that everybody has to have, Apple is growing in a lot of good ways despite having already come an incredible way. Now they’re growing in yet another way, and nearly doubling the number of people they employ in Austin, Texas. While it isn’t exactly the new i-gadget, this is definitely big news for a lot of people.

Austin is one of the country’s most well employed cities. Boasting a cosmopolitan culture and the lack of an income tax that makes Texas a very popular state in general, this city plays host to a multitude of successful businesses. Apple has employed over 2,000 people since the early part of the 21st century, but now they’re looking to put a lot of new money into the construction of a massive new office building — and staff it with more than 3,000 new accountants, call center workers and other administrative staff. As Apple expands into this space, it becomes clear that California isn’t large enough to hold this tech giant.

However, the community at large is an important factor here. How will the residents of Austin deal with Apple’s more than $300 million investment into building its new offices there? Naturally, any measure that brings a high profile company further into the fold of the community will be met with open arms. The creation of several thousand reasonably well paying jobs should further expand on the already robust job market that young professionals in the area have enjoyed for years. However, there is also the issue of traffic.

As Austin grows still more filled with jobs of every variety, it’s become clear that Apple is going to have to contend with the same traffic and other hassles that other companies in the city deal with every day. Putting three hundred million dollars into office infrastructure and expanding their operations into Austin will help Apple keep their customers more satisfied, but it will also complicate the already crowded urban landscape of the area. The highways in Austin are second only to those in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for having arduous commute times, as residents pile out of the suburbs to go to work every day. This is an okay problem to have.

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