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There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for your smart phone on the market today, with each serving a different aspect of our everyday life. These can be use to set reminders for events, to assist in our driving, help to track our finances, listen to music, game, and assist in keeping in touch with our social lives. On top of these we have apps that serve only to make the other apps be better quality and easier to use.


First is LauncherPro, an alternative app launcher that adds a changeable docking bar that helps launch apps. It creates a cluster of widgets that are shown on the home screen, and can be moved around to be displayed exactly how the user wants it. You can even re-skin these as desired to suit your personal tastes. Also with this a user can install Beautiful Widgets, which is an app that improves the display of your apps and overall phone. Overall this app furthers in allowing the customization of the look of the home page.

Beautiful Widgets does this by including improved visuals of the clock and weather widgets, as well as having many different battery and clock skins available for download. You can also install the live background that can be set to mirror the current time and local weather conditions.

Ease of Use:

Also for our Android users with clutter issues due to the limited space of the phone screen, there exists an app for that. The Multicon widget is a needed tool as it lets you to store up to four app shortcut under the image of 1, providing an easy way to increase amount of apps allowed to be accessed from the home page. These shortcuts are not restricted to only launching apps. They will allow the user to store shortcuts such as their Wi-Fi toggle right beside the same the shortcut that will launch their favorite web browser. This is even a free app, so there is no excuse for app loving owners to not have this useful shortcut tool.

iPhone for your car:

Does this look appealing to you? Then the Delphi iPhone remote start app is something to look into. This is an app that lets you control your car from the screen of your iPhone, powerful enough to control your vehicle from up to a mile away. The ability to turn on and heat up your car from the warmth of your bed via the iPhone during a cold winter alone makes this app a must have. Think of it during the summer as well, it allows you to lower your windows, able to lower them at the touch of your screen to get that oven-feeling out of your car before getting in. Not only does it allow you to control you car, but is also able to inform you of your vehicle status by monitoring your tire pressure, fuel levels, as well as other engine fluids. Having your phone being able to control your car this way seems almost too good to be true, but it really does exist in the Delphi iPhone remote.

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