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Amazon Tap Review

This is a small and portable Bluetooth enabled music box from Amazon. The great thing about it is it’s portability and size. The sound is louder than you can think of a device at this size, but you can get better quality on other high-end portable speakers. It’s 360 degrees Omni-directional sound playing can make you fall in love with it.

Overall this is another step forward for Amazon to get into voice-based assistant.

amazon tap review

The tagline for Amazon Tap is ” Small, Loud, and Smart”.

It’s small and loud I have no doubt about that, but if you define smart than I must want to know your definition of smart. Let’s get an overview of the new Amazon Tap.

What is it?

Amazon Tap is basically a voice controlled sound box that can play music, read the news and do certain programmed things for its users. The concept is not new to us. We have seen Siri, Amazon Eco, Cortana and all other voice assistants these days.

So, what is special about Amazon Tap?

It’s a stand alone cylinder shape sound device and you can command it by tapping a single button on it. The Amazon Tap is connected to your Wi-Fi network and synced with the phone. As a result, you can stream your phone music through it.

The advertisement amazon has it for this device is lucrative. Where it is shown that you can connect it to your centrally controlled house ecosystem and voice command to turn on/off lights, television etc.

It’s connected with Alexa Voice Service that is the special thing of it.

General Specifications of Amazon Tap:

This device may remind you easily the Amazon Eco, but it is somehow different than the Eco.

01. Tap the microphone button and you can listen to music from the popular services like Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn
02. Alexa Voice Service to listen to the weather update, read the latest news and even order a pizza or taxi.
03.  Via Bluetooth connection you can stream music from your phone, laptop or tablet.
04. Approximately 9 hours of battery backup.
05. Amazon Tap is powered by Dolby Digital and can play 360º omnidirectional stereo audio.

These are the basic features of the Amazon Tap. It’s now one of the hot product in Amazon Store.


01. Amazon tap is portable and you have long 9 hours of backup.
02. The sound quality is good if you remember the size of the device.
03. It connects directly to wi-fi, so no need to bridge your phone if you don’t want to.
04. Alexa integration enables you to get all of the Alexa services like shopping list keeping, weather, music, news or even calling a Uber ride.
05. Seamlessly integrates with your phone or tab through Alexa app. You just need to follow the instruction.


01. If you are a music lover you might note that you can get better sound quality on a high-end Bluetooth device.
02. If you are not familiar with Alexa cloud services (amazon assistant), you might find it little annoying to connect and get used to it.
03. You have to spend extra to get the bump protector, well I would have love to get it in the same package.



Amazon Eco vs Amazon Tap

Both of these devices are identical. Amazon Echo can hear you from long distance and play music or other things the tap does while you are at home. On the other hand, you have to press the microphone button each time you want the Amazon tap to do something.

The great facility for Amazon Tap is its portability. You can carry it with you and wherever wi-fi is available you can turn on the party mood. The sound quality is pretty much good in a quite environment.

Amazon Tap comes with all the things it needs except the bump protector. You need to spend some extra $20 for the bump protector (also used as a hanger).

The Tap is dependent on Alexa app while you connect it to your wi-fi, which some users find pretty annoying. I think it might not be the hardware or the app, but the problem with the wi-fi settings of the user. Even if you have connected and used echo or dot before you might find it little out of the box to connect the tap.

On Amazon Tap, the round circular light on top of (Amazon Echo) is replaced with five dots at the front. This is a difference :). When connecting it shows blue dot during the startup and orange while waiting.

The device is obviously smaller than the Amazon Echo, which is a great thing. I can move along with it anywhere I want.

Amazon Tap comes with charging doc that is pretty nice. Just doc the tap on the chagrin cradle and use it while it is getting charged. It has built in features to warn you when the battery is low.

Amazon Tap has dedicated music changing buttons in front of it, which is also a good addition.

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