5 Music Themed Games for iPhone

Musically themed games made a popular appearance as a video game genre for consoles all over the world. Games like Dance, Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero received awards and topped the charts. With the rising growth of mobile gaming, several musically inclined iPhone games are again topping download charts! Now you can jam out to your gaming fix and sit poolside in the sun at the same time! Check out a few of these great mobile games if you’re looking for to blend together your love of music with your love of gaming.

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero is still a great addition to the music and rhythm gaming genre. The gameplay style is very smooth and the strum and whammy gestures on the iPhone are great additions. The music selection for this game is remarkably solid. The game features a great deal of additional downloadable content as well. The Guitar HeroiPhone reboot is also visually appealing. The vivid colors of the frets, the menu design, and the star power explosions are an exciting feature that much of the competition lacks.

Tap Tap Revenge 4

In terms of gameplay, Tap Tap Revenge 4 plays very similarly to Guitar Hero. However, there are a few odds and ends that set the game apart. If musically themed games are your choice of entertainment, definitely give this game a go! Tap Tap Revenge 4 retains many of the actions that can be performed in Tap Tap Revenge 3 and previous installments. These include being able to fully customize your very avatar, private and group messaging, free music each week, and skill ups and bonuses. The newest version even includes a live-update leaderboard so you can see how your scores stand up against the competition.


SongPop is a game developed for Facebook and mobile devices and acts as a battleground for music fans. You can battle it out with your opponents to see who is really on their game when it comes to musical knowledge. You and your opponent will take turns trying to guess the name of the artist or song being played in a clip. Each player listens to five short clips and must answer correctly. The more songs you get right, the more songs you can unlock in the musical category. Sure, it may take you a few tries to master the game, but there’s a strong chance you’ll also hear new music while you’re at it! If you like the song so much, the games gives you the option to download the song via iTunes at the end of each round.

Groove Coaster

In this game, players follow their avatar on a high-speed, musical, 3D rollercoaster ride. You will need to time your flicks and swipes perfectly in order to advance, creating vivid visual effects and a melodious harmony of sound. The developers of this game designed each level around the feel of the music, bringing light and music to life.

Michael Jackson: The Experience HD

Michael Jackson: The Experience HDis a musical rhythm game unlike any other. Now in high-def, you have the chance to reenact all of Michael’s greatest and well known music videos. From Billie Jean to Thriller; from Smooth Criminal to Bad, this is definitely one game that all of Michael’s fans need to get their hands on. Overall there are 13 song choices with the opportunity to purchase others. It’s completely based on Michael Jackson’s visionary work and musical genius. Michael Jackson: The Experience HDbrings musical rhythm games to the next level.

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