4 Sony Cameras Under $100

These 4 cameras I am telling about today is 16 mega pixel and are entry level digital cameras from Sony. All of them are under $100 and very comfortable to have one in the pocket while you travel. Also they can be a nice gift for your little kid.

Sony DSC-W71001. Sony DSC-W710:

This is a Sony cybershot camera with 16.1 mega pixel and 5x optical zoom and have a 2 inch LCD display.  You can shoot HD videos quite easily with this camera and the length is 30 minutes per clip. Another great function of this camera is the panoramic photo capture ability. You can take a snap of around 360 degree with this cybershot.

If you are on a budget and looking for a cool camera in $85 to $90 then this is a best one you can get. It might not have a Bluetooth or WI-fi in it but at this price the images you can grab with this will make you happy. You can see the deals in amazon for Sony DSC-W710 to get the best price. It comes in three colors: black, pink and silver.

 02. Sony DSC-W730

Second cybershot camera in my list. Comes in three color from amazon store here: Sony DSC-W730 16.1 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD.

Sony DSC-W730It has pink, blue and silver color available and you can get it in a deal price less than $90. Easy to handle camera with 16.1 mega pixel and 8x optical zoom. the auto mode is very much suitable for those taking pictures for the first times. If you have a little skill then you can take superb shots with it. Auto lightning and sharpness adjustment makes the image quality better than your cellphone can.

Another great feature is the anti-shaking mode. It can take photos without blur even when you are walking. It comes in handy when you are making HD videos on beach and getting interviews in a bus or something moving.

This is a good camera if you are using it indoors with flash or outdoors with plenty of lights like in daylight. The zooming feature though are in 8 mega pixel but the higher you zoom the more noise it will show on the picture. This can be a great choice for a person started to use camera or for the kids- portable and easy to snap in auto mood.

Sony DSC-W63003. Sony DSC-W630

In this list this W630 is my favorite. It is only $85 and have the ability to record superb quality HD videos. It all starts in just one touch.  Image steadying technology approves it to shot or video while you are walking and have 11 pre-defined scene modes if you are not an expert with the settings. I prefer the auto mode as it seems the best option without any hassle.

This camera is pink and so you can think that this is meant to built for the ladies. Tiny, cute and adorable one. Can easily carry it in your purse or in the pocket. Get the full details in here: Sony DSC-W630/P 16.1MP Cybershot Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD Screen (Pink)

DSC-W62004. Sony DSC-W620

This has a lower megapixel 14.1 and 5x optical zoom. The price is $90. But what it can do is take stable photos in a low light condition. Also the 720p HD video recording quality will stun you in this price. Another great option is the panorama mode for 360 degree angle photo capture in one shot.

This can take photos better than your smart phones and a perfect gift for your kids. I will recommend this Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W620 for a non professional looking for a budget camera.

All these are entry level Sony cybershot and can be very useful for gift purpose or carrying with you while you are on a quick tour.

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