4 Reasons Why Project Glass Will Change Our World

Google GlassesGoogle has come up with a device that will completely change the way you work with technology. You will not have to sit in front of the computer to use Facebook or take out your camera to click a photo. This will change the way we see the world. Google’s X lab has created a wearable computing device called Project Glass. The device consists of an eyeglass that has a display screen on the right hand side and a battery inside the glass frame. Here are four reasons why Project Glass will change our world.

  1. Get Information About What You See

This piece of eye-wear will change how to look at things. The moment you look out of your window, the display will pop up on your eye glass that will show what the temperature is and the forecast for the day. If you have an appointment, you will get a reminder every time you look at the clock.

  1. Get Information Quickly

The Google Project Glass video already gives you a peek into our future. You can see how you can stream information merely by looking at something. You are hungry and do not know if the restaurant in front of you is good, all you have to do is merely look at it and you will get a review of the place. Now if you like the guy sitting beside you, all you have to do is look at him to get a link to his Facebook account pop up on your display screen.

  1.  Allows You To Be Completely Hands-Free

The device operates on cloud computing. This makes it completely hands-free. You do not have to take out your camera to capture a perfect moment. You just have to look at it and enjoy the moment for the device to take a photo and video. You so not have to take out your phone to answer the call or reply to a text message. Just move your head, select the option and do it. Just talk to the device and make it carry out a task.

  1. Targeted Ads

Now when you walk with your Project Glass and look at say a retail store, the glass will instantly stream advertisements of the store and similar products. It will know your preference and accordingly give you info about it. Though this feature has drawn a lot of skepticism, Google has said that it will not allow advertisements to flood the device.

Google has spent a lot of time and resources to create this project. The device is being shaped by field experts and there has been a lot of thought involved. The device will shape how we go through our daily lives. Some would say that the device interrupts how you interact with people in your day to day life because you are constantly focused on it, but this is not true. You can always take it off when you are not using it.

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