4 Mini HD Projectors for Your Business Meeting & Entertainment

We were searching on the web for a mini portable projector and found at least four candidates worth mentioning. By “portable” we mean projectors that you can carry in your pocket, lightweight and have the plug and play ability almost instantly.

4 Mini HD Projectors for Your Business Meeting & Entertainment 1

We have selected 2 DLP projectors. DLPs are better than the general projector with LCD or LCoS when it comes to high-quality large screen projection. The images are more sharp and robust.

Let’s take a look at the list.

01. LED Mini Pico Projector,  P1 DLP Projector

4 Mini HD Projectors for Your Business Meeting & Entertainment 2

You can get this one from Amazon and you can check it here. The projector is DLP based with LED lamp. Its native resolution is 640 pixel x 360pixel, max input resolution is 1920 pixel X 1080 pixel.

Brightness is 300ANSI Lumens. It can throw images at 0.4 to 3.5 meter. The P1 DLP projector uses 950amp at 3.7 volts.

This cube projector is pretty cute and will look compact in your hand. Also, the price is pretty low and you can move it with anywhere. The image is pretty sharp even at 3 meters distant on the wall.


The sound is not loud enough.


02. RAGU Mini Pocket Pico Projector Android 4.4

This is obviously a better one than the P1 DLP projector. The price is also higher. This android projector box has a handsome outlook, super portable and compact design. It can project HD images up to 150 inches.

All types of images and videos are supported as this is an Android 4.4 device. RAGU Mini Pocket Pico projector comes with 1 GB RAM and 8GB ROM.


– Built in Kodi player
– Built in WiFi
– Easy interface for plug & play to use it with your phone, speaker, laptop, and PC.


– No dedicated port for keyboard or mouse. Although there is an option to use it via USB.

If you buy it from Amazon, you will get a year of warranty, which is pretty good. Mostly the sharp image and being able to play all kind of videos including from YouTube, Netflix and Kodi made this device an awesome one.

4 Mini HD Projectors for Your Business Meeting & Entertainment 3


3. SK UO Smart Beam, Portable Mini Projector

4 Mini HD Projectors for Your Business Meeting & Entertainment 4

The SK UO Smart Beam Portable Mini Projector is compatible with both iOS and Android. The black square box is pretty nice to look.

The best thing about this device might be it can easily integrate with all the video streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV etc.

So, this can be the perfect device for using it as an entertainment tool and for office use also.

Get the full connectivity and compatibility info on the product page.


– Compatible with both iOS and Android operating system
– The size, it’s just perfect for any occasion
– Can connect with all of your smart devices.


– Micro USB charger
– External battery & tripod clip are not included

Basically, this is a perfect budget friendly portable mini projector.

4. RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector with 120 Inch Display

4 Mini HD Projectors for Your Business Meeting & Entertainment 5

RIF6 cube is one of the most popular mini projectors in the market. This device is something extensively made for the task. Low noise and less heat with longer battery life made it pretty much awesome.

It has almost the same look like the SK UO Smart Beam, but the color and the orientation of the projector lens is a bit different.


– Connects with mobile, tablet, iPad and gaming consoles
– Compatible with HDMI devices, rechargeable with a 90-minute battery life and works with mobile adapters for streaming on-the-go.
– Bright display output


– Battery life is only 2 hours
– Works well in a fully dark room.

Our personal choice is RIF6. It is just 2 inches cube that weighs only 5 ounces, perfect for carrying it and placing it anywhere.

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