15 Cool Pendrives You Might Want to Check this Week

Pen drive or portable storage is one of the most used devices among the users. In the year 2000, IBM and Trek Technology ushered introduced the first generation of USB flash drives. They started to replace the long old floppy disk generation. There are several companies producing these pen drives in pretty cheap now.

The price of the portable hard drive also getting lower every now and then. This is the power of recycling and mass production with new technology.
Anyway, as a small device, we haven’t spent much time or focus on the pen drives we use. Today we are going to take a hike in the tech industry and see some cool designed pen drive.

1. Adata NBA Thumb Drive Series

If you are a NBA fan, these are a must have items for you. Checkout the availability and price on amazon.


2. Adidas Neo Branding

Ah.. this looks classy and I do not know where you can find it. Image credits: behance.net.

3. Rebuild USB Player Saint

Image credits: 3dportfolio.deviantart.com

4. Canadian Club Bottle USB Drive

Get more details on here beer lovers.

5. Biscuit USB Drive

Get more details: usbgeek.com

6. Transformers Ravage Thumb Drive

I am damn sure you are going to love this one. Get it on amazon. You can fold flat or can make it a ravage that can stand.


7. Golden Robot USB Flash Drive

This design reminds me of the star wars. Get one on ThinkGeek. Unfortunately they had very limited number of these.

8. Lego Minifigure USB Drive

Another of the popular one for the Lego lovers.

Try amazon for it.

9. Key Chain Flash Drive

Don’t want to get another flash drive? Or, you are loosing too many of them? Here is your solution, try this key chain flash drive. Classy and you have very little chances to lose it. The better part it’s water proof. You can get it on amazon.


10. Metal Guitar Shape USB Flash Drive

Check the price and availability of this cool flash drive on amazon.

11. Mechanical USB Key – Rippled Ash

Image credits: back2root.deviantart.com

12. Star Wars Mimobot Thumb Drives

Image credits: thinkgeek.com

13. Canon Camera Flash Drive

This is a cool thing for the camera lovers. Get it on amazon.

14. LaCie CurrenKey 4GB USB Drive

You can get it on amazon.

15. KOOTION 16GB Wristband

This is the last one. It’s not anything special. Just a band, but it will keep your data close to your wrist. Check the full description on amazon.

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